11 bit studios, creators of The War of Mine, higher than CI Games in stock exchange ratings

If you think of video game companies from Poland, no doubt the first things that come to your mind are The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and its creators – CD Projekt RED. As you can probably imagine, among the gaming companies listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange this one occupies the top position. Until two days ago the second place belonged to CI Games, the creators of games like Lords of the Fallen or Sniper: Ghost Warrior series. But on February 27, 2017, everything changed – now 11 bit studios, the studio behind This War of Mine and the upcoming Frostpunk, is the runner-up.
While CI games has been part of the GPW (Warsaw Stock Exchange) since December 2007 and its current market value amounts to PLN 385.89 million (roughly USD 94.65 million), 11 bit studios joined the GPW in January 2011 and they’re currently rated at PLN 425.70 million (roughly USD 104.41 million), which still places them far behind CD Projekt, with its market value currently at PLN 6.771 billion (USD 1.660 billion). You can see how the market value of CI Games (black line) and 11 bit studios (red line) changed in the last two years on the picture below.

When you take a look at what’s going on with 11 bit studios, you’ll realize that despite putting a lot of money in the production of their newest game, the company is still generating profit. However, Frostpunk will have to be a much bigger hit than This War of Mine was if 11 bit wants to meet the expectations of current valuation.
CI Games, on the other hand, lacks in profits, and this is probably due to the huge budget devoured by Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. However, if the previous game is to be any indication, they should be just fine – the second installment in their Sniper series generated over PLN 100 million of annual profit for two years straight.
Let’s take a moment ro rehash what’s going on with both companies in 2017. CI Games is currently on the final stretch to the release date of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 – you’ll be able to play the game on April 4, 2017 worldwide. Most of the development works, contrary to the previous installments, was carried out by an external team of 60 people led by Steve Hart (Sniper Elite V2) and Paul Robinson .
11 bit studios, on the other hand, didn’t announce any specific release date for their upcoming title, Frostpunk. The game is supposed to be a survival game focused on emotions and making difficult choices. The only thing that we know for certain is that Frostpunk got a trailer that you can see below. After This War of Mine, I’m definitely curious to see what 11 bit’s next game will offer and I hope that this year’s E3 will bring us more details.