The 4 Important Rings In Dark Souls 3

Ever pondered which rings in Dark Souls 3 are the greatest for your lightly-armored, bow-and-arrow-wielding dexterous hero? Ever wondered why that might be? This article has you covered. Soon, your fingers will be covered in gleaming metallic bands making every nearby undead green with envy — or was that flesh rot?

The greatest rings are based on how generally useful they are in the campaign, and sadly have nothing to do with PVE and PVP. That said, the top rings for an archer build are as follows:

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring
The Covetous Silver Serpent Ring increases souls attained by 10%, making it generally useful to attain for all classes.Covetous Silver Serpent Ring
The ring can be found above Firelink Shrine after purchasing the tower key from the handmaiden for 20,000 souls. Use the key on the tower near the tree giant. Go up the stairs and drop down onto the roof to the left. Go past the nest and drop down onto the ledge below on the left. Keep walking around clockwise until you discover an entrance which leads to the rafters above Firelink. Walk straight across the beam and attack the wall to reveal an illusionary wall. Go forward from there and drop down to find a chest containing the ring on the right.

Chloranthy Ring
The Chloranthy Ring increases stamina regeneration by 7 points per second, making a serious difference when quickly firing off arrows, or needing to recover from shots.Chloranthy Ring
The ring can be located in the undead settlement. After defeating the fire demon with Siegvard, use the staircase in the house on the right. Use the nearby bridge to enter a home on the left. Go past some enemies and the two larger enemies, Evangelists, to discover a roof. Run across the roof to the left to find a wooden platform. From there, drop down onto a stone tower. Enter the tower and be careful, using the ledges as you drop down. The ring is behind some barrels and crates on the ground floor.

Flynn’s Ring
Flynn’s Ring is an intriguing ring which features unique effects like no other. The lower your equipment load, the higher your damage bonus, meaning this is super suitable for an archer wearing the lightest armor possible.Flynn's Ring
Looted from a corpse on the top of a roof at undead settlement in the area where you fight the Fire Demon with Siegvard.

Hawk Ring
The Hawk Ring increases the range of arrows and extends the zoom of bows and binoculars, essentially making you a more effective sniper.Hawk Ring

Dropped by the giant in the undead settlement in the undead settlement after attaining a white branch from all three of the white birch trees. One is located near the tree boss in the undead settlement; another is located in Farron’s Keep near a giant crab; one more can be found outside the Cathedral of the Deep, near multiple morphing adversaries. Once you’ve collected everything, go back up the elevator where you first met Siegvard to find the ring near the sleeping giant.