$700 Okami “Life-Size” Bust Revealed

It’s not cheap, but First 4 Figures’ upcoming bust of Amaterasu is certain to stun fans of Capcom’s 2006 action-adventure game Okami (and anyone else for that matter). The “life-size” statue stands 26.5 inches tall and is 16 inches wide, and is now available for preorder.

The bust comes in “deluxe full-color packaging,” showcasing the sun goddess Amaterasu in her white wolf form with crimson markings, along with her artistic partner Issun. To get a full look, the crew at First 4 Figures put together the documentary video below.

The bust is available for preorder now at a cost of $725 for the exclusive edition, which features LED lights throughout to illuminate the flames surrounding Amaterasu (giving a fire effect). The regular edition, which doesn’t light up, goes for $675.

If you do pre-order, you’ll be waiting some time for it. The busts won’t be ready until Q1 of 2018.

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This isn’t the first Okami statue to be made by First 4 Figures. In 2016, the company created a 12-inch tall statue of Amaterasu, now available in an exclusive edition for $384.99 (although it looks like it’s only available for sale in Asia and Australia at the moment).