A Call Of Duty commentator lost it during an eSports tournament

An eSports announcer has been recorded losing his cool while commentating on a professional game of Call Of Duty.

It took place during the final moments of a match between teams RoyaL eSports and P41n Gaming at the CoD World League tournament in South Africa.

Announcer Ben “Benson” Bowe can be heard screaming as P41n score a victory in the final moments.

“That could be the greatest ending to a game of Black Ops 3 I’ve seen in my life,” he screams.

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“I don’t think they’re going to have enough time,” says Ben’s commentator partner in the video, showing P41n players searching for the RoyaL character on a map.

“It is pretty much game set and match for the lads from RoyaL, they just need to hold on tight.”

Call Of Duty

The camera then switches from the view of a P41n player codenamed R4inz to one named H4rmz, who immediately finds and shoots the final player from the rival team to win the match.

“Did he get it? He got it! I can’t believe it! That’s insane!” Ben is heard screaming while the P41n team are seen celebrating their win.

“Give them the trophy, give them the trophy,” he continues.

There was no trophy for P41n, sadly. The match in question was a preliminary round and they went on to claim fifth place in the tournament.

Ben’s reaction echoes that of Icelandic football commentator Gudmundur Benediktsson, who became a viral sensation during Euro 2016 when he responded similarly during a match.

Video caption
Euro 2016: Icelandic commentator goes wild over late winner

His screams of joy as Iceland scored a last-minute winning goal against Austria helped make the underdog team become one of the most talked about teams in the tournament.

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