A Good Nintendo 2DS/Mario Bundle Returns For $80 In August

Those in the market for a cheap way to play 3DS games will soon have a new option in the United States. Nintendo has announced the revival of a years-old 2DS bundle that launches in August.

The bundle consists of a white-and-red 2DS (not to be confused with the New 2DS XL) and a digital copy of New Super Mario Bros. 2 (not to be confused with Super Mario Bros. 2). It also comes with a 4 GB SD card, just as this same bundle did when it was offered in European markets back in 2014. It launches in the US for $80 on August 25.

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The 2DS lacks the clamshell design of other 3DS models but is capable of playing 3DS game–albeit without any 3D functionality–with the exception of the small number of games exclusive to the New 2DS XL and New 3DS (such as Xenoblade Chronicles 3D). New Super Mario Bros. 2 is the 2012 side-scroller that distinguished itself from other games in the series by placing an emphasis on collecting coins.

Nintendo only just launched the New 2DS XL in the US last week. While the New 3DS has been phased out, the standard 2DS remains one of the three pillars of the 3DS hardware business. Earlier this year, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime explained the reason for having so many versions of the 3DS available simultaneously and why the New 2DS XL was introduced.

“The Nintendo 2DS really focused on that entry level gamer,” he said. “The four-, five-, six-year old that is just getting into gaming, but wants to play Mario Kart, wants to have a Super Mario Bros. experience, wants to play Pokemon. And we feel with Nintendo 3DS XL at $199 that it’s a fully-featured product, that it is, if you will, the Cadillac of handheld gaming. And then we heard from consumers, ‘Boy, I wish there was something in between.'”

In addition to the New 2DS XL, last week saw the release of two new 3DS games from Nintendo, although it appears neither one is as stellar as you might have hoped. You can check out our Miitopia review and Hey Pikmin review for our thoughts on each game.