A Year’s Worth Of Free DLC Coming To Dying Light

Despite releasing almost three years ago, Dying Light continues to have a very active user base, with roughly half a million players still playing the survival horror game weekly. With so many players engaged with the title, developer Techland has announced it plans to continue supporting the game with a year’s worth of DLC.

Techland will release 10 pieces of DLC for Dying Light over the course of the next 12 months. These expansions will include new enemies, more in-game events, new locations to explore, and “much, much more.” This additional content will be offered for free across all of the game’s platforms. The first, dubbed Content Drop 0, will arrive “in the coming weeks” and introduces new enemies to the game. “Drop #0 is a taste of the new things coming to the game, before the ’10 free DLCs in 12 months’ campaign fully launches later this year,” a press release reads.

Additionally, Techland has said it will host more community events going forward–up to four per quarter. It also plans to continue tweaking the gameplay and balancing based on fan feedback. To better facilitate community interaction, the developer will launch a dedicated community platform “through which fans will have an influence on what kind of new content is created.” Techland will announce more details about this platform in the near future.

Dying Light is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game was well-received when it debuted; GameSpot awarded the original version 7/10. Meanwhile, its DLC expansion, The Following, earned 8/10, with critic Scott Butterworth calling it “a sizable chunk of story-driven content that feels at once distinct from and in sync with the original experience” in GameSpot’s review.