Alphabetty Saga – A Charming Wordy Puzzle Game from the Creators of Candy Crush Saga!

A Word Game/Puzzle Hybrid

Alphabetty Saga offers a unique take on the usual word game genre by putting a strong emphasis on puzzle solving. Players are presented with a grid containing a bunch of alphabet pieces.  The player’s goal is to string words together.  You can connect letters to the left, right, up, down and diagonally.  You can even move in multiple directions within one move! The catch?  You can only touch a tile once per move.  If you try to “pass through” a tile you’ve already activated, the entire word will disappear and you’ll find yourself at square one.  As a result, you can’t always play the words that you can read on the board. This ups the challenge considerably!

Like other word games, Alphabetty Saga assigns point values to each letter based on the difficulty of using said letter in a word.  Be quick to play those Zs, Js and Ks, because there is no guarantee that you’ll find the opportune moment to be rid of those letters later on in the level!

Goal Based Gameplay

The puzzle stages in this game offer specific objectives that lend focus to each particular level.  It’s not good enough to just rack up points by finding the longest words possible. Alphabetty Saga will have you working to free cheese trapped on the board, popping bubbles, working around stone obstacles, battling vines and basically doing whatever it takes to have the last word and achieve the goal!

Cute Characters and Storyline

Alphabetty Saga takes place in the world of mice! Say hello to Betty, Professor Alpha and Barney, linguist rodents extraordinaire. These intellectual mice are on a quest to collect new words for their Encyclopedia of Everything. In addition to words, the charming anthropomorphic mice also have a strong love of cheese. As a result, much of the game is centered around gathering cheese in addition to words.

Bright Graphics and Charming Sound

Alphabetty Saga features a vibrant, color rich art style that is appealing and inviting, setting the stage for round after round of immersive, word puzzling action. The music in this game is pleasant and enjoyable, working well with the graphics, theme and gameplay, and the sound effects are also high quality. Alphabetty Saga is a treat for the eyes and ears both!

Play Against Your Friends

This game has built-in Facebook integration, making it possible for you to compete head to head against the high scores of your friends.  Each level displays the top scores of your buddies, and this gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as the big cheese of any given level. Who in your circle will reign supreme?

Level After Level of Satisfying, Free to Play Wordplay

Alphabetty Saga puts tons of challenging word puzzles in your pocket, guaranteeing hours of letter matching action! Alphabetty Saga has 100+ levels and counting! Once a level is cleared, you can then challenge yourself to score the highest 3 star ranking for additional puzzle excitement.

Alphabetty Saga: A Wordy Puzzler with Royal Heritage

Alphabetty Saga is a game from King Digital Entertainment, the company behind the smash hits Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga along with many other popular favorites. Alphabetty Saga is a very different animal than Candy Crush, though. Alphabetty Saga is a word game first and foremost, and this element has been blended with a heavy dose of puzzler action. Does Alphabetty Saga blend these two elements well enough to deliver a unique, satisfying gameplay experience? Read on to find out!

A Puzzle-centric Word Game

Alphabetty Saga is, at first glance, another typical word game. However, there is more to it than initially meets the eye. In this game, you’re presented with a grid containing alphabetical tiles.  You slide your finger across the grid to create words.  You can create words from right to left or left to right.  You can also link up alphabetical tiles diagonally. You can even combine directions within one move, i.e. going diagonal and then straight. Basically whatever it takes to form a word. 

When words are formed and successfully matched, the letter tiles disappear from the grid and the board shifts, with all of the other tiles falling into the newly freed space.  In this way, the board is kept fresh and new words can continue to be formed pretty much endlessly.

As you play with the board, tiles turn blue when selected.  Once you have made an actual word that exists within the game dictionary, the tiles will turn green.  So in theory, a player could just play with the board until the tiles turn green, but what’s the fun in that? More on this later.

As words are created, a power up called the Shuffle Booster will become charged.  Once charged, you can use the Shuffle Booster to rearrange the tiles on the board.  This is great for those moments when everything starts looking the same.

You may be able to read excellent words on the board, but that doesn’t mean you can actually make the match. The way this game works is interesting because even though you can move in any direction you want, you can’t pass through the same tile twice.  It’s easy to find yourself trying to make a word from letters that are so close but require you to pass through a tile that you already selected.

The game mixes things up by giving you objectives as you play, adding elements like bubbles, stone and vines into the mix. If you’ve ever played King’s other games such as Candy Crush, you’ll know these obstacles well. It’s part of King’s formula, and judging by the popularity of their offerings, it’s an effective strategy.

Polished, Slick Graphics and Sound

This game is presented with a professional level of panache and polish. The colors are bright and vibrant without being overdone, and the graphics all come together in a cohesive manner. It’s well done all around, ensuring that players will enjoy staring at this game for hours. The game doesn’t skimp on special effects and animations to celebrate achievements and accomplishments either, and that makes clearing stages extra satisfying.

The music is delightful. It sets the tone without being too overpowering, and it suits the mood of the story quite well.  The sound effects are good too, providing effective auditory feedback during gameplay. Overall, both visuals and sounds work together perfectly.

Charming, Memorable Characters and Story

Alphabetty Saga has a bright and colorful visual style that is both endearing and cheerful.  In this game, the world is populated by anthropomorphic mice.  These rodents are obsessed with words and cheese, and that’s a pretty adorable combination. Betty, Professor Alpha and Barney are presented with enough personality to bring to mind Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective and Brian Jacques’ Redwall series. Alphabetty Saga’s story isn’t deep or particularly serious, but the characters and their story add to the game immensely, making Alphabetty Saga stand out from other games in this genre.

Excellent Social Integration

Each level shows players their top scoring Facebook friends, along with the exact score they earned. It is extremely satisfying to completely obliterate your buddy’s score and replace them as the “big cheese” of that particular level. Earning three stars is good and all, but nothing beats going head to head with friends!

Very Strange Dictionary

Like most word games, Alphabetty Saga has a very interesting set of words in its dictionary.  This is part and parcel for word games, and hardcore word game devotees tend to have vocabularies containing words such as ZAX, FAQIR, and SYZYGY as a result. Frankly, collecting unusual words is an important part of the appeal of word games.

With that said, there are moments when it feels like Alphabetty Saga allows you to just enter straight up gibberish. These bizarre dictionary entries make no more sense when flipped backwards than they do forwards, and this is the fatal flaw that changes the entire game for the worse.

The existence of these words in the game makes it feel less like an actual word game and more like a puzzle that just so happens to contain letter tiles. Having nonsense words in the mix encourages guessing instead of planning and executing good word choices, since guessing is required in order to unearth the bizarre words Alphabetty Saga will allow you to play.

If you boot up this game expecting a puzzle, you might not be too bothered by this. If you are playing this game for the wordy element, this is a major disappointment.

In Summary

Alphabetty Saga came so close to being a perfect hybrid of puzzle game and word game, but the game’s quirky dictionary makes it fall short of the word game it could have been. Many of the words that this game allows you to play are complete and utter rubbish, and this is sure to frustrate any hardcore word game fans.  As the result of this strange, inexplicable dictionary, this word game is reduced to being a puzzle game that happens to use letters instead of typical puzzle pieces.

However, the good puzzle elements, beautiful graphics, sweet soundtrack and charming characters are strong enough to offset this, making Alphabetty Saga a worthwhile download for puzzle game fanatics. If you’re looking for a good puzzle game, Alphabetty Saga still delivers. However, if you’re looking for a good word game, you might want to look elsewhere.

– Review by Alice Flynn

Alice Flynn is a gaming enthusiast and journalist from Los Angeles, CA. She is currently obsessed with obscure foreign dramas, making tofu taste edible and the latest, greatest computer games.

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