Amazon’s Lime-Green 3DS Out Now, Comes With Super Mario World

Retailer Amazon’s exclusive lime-green New Nintendo 3DS XL has arrived.

As announced previously, the $200 bundle comes with a pre-installed copy of SNES game Super Mario World. The Virtual Console game normally sells for $8 on its own (via Polygon). Click through the images in the gallery below to get a look at the new system. Go to Amazon to order one for yourself.

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In other news about Nintendo hardware, the company finally announced its new console, the Nintendo Switch, earlier this week. As reports had suggested, the system is a console/mobile hybrid that you can play at home or on the go. Pricing has not been announced, and might not be until 2017.

The Nintendo Switch comes out in March 2017. After Nintendo announced the console, its stock price dropped significantly and some analysts said they doubt the console’s ability to reach a wide audience.

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