As Final Fantasy 14’s PS3 Shutdown Nears, PS3 Subscription Will Be Dropped

Final Fantasy XIV will not be playable on PS3 for much longer. In the lead up to its server shutdown, Square Enix will make the game playable for free on the last-gen console.

When upcoming expansion pack Stormblood was announced last year, Square Enix revealed that it would phase out the PS3 version to focus on PS4 and PC. That end date is rapidly approaching, with the PS3 game set to cease operations on June 16, when Stormblood’s early access period begins.

Starting this coming Monday, May 1, Square Enix will remove the subscription requirement from the PS3 version. This will allow subscribers on the platform to play for free until the shutdown.

If you have an account that spans multiple platforms, you won’t gain subscription free access on PS4 or PC just because you own the game on PS3. The “free login campaign” only provides subscription-free access on PS3. You can read more about the rules here.

PS3 players interested in moving to the PS4 version can take advantage of an ongoing upgrade campaign. Running through the end of the year, PS3 players can pick up a free digital copy of the game for PS4. If your subscription has lapsed, you’ll also receive 14 days of game time. Details on how to get your freebie are available on Square Enix’s website.