Blood Brothers – Save the Land of Arnasha with Your Pack of Powerful Familiars!

Once upon a time, you were a hero. You were a champion for your people. You could have been a valiant White Knight, an honorable Red Samurai from the east, a Dark Elf sorceress, a goblin Grey Mage, or a Lizardman warlord. Whatever you were in your old life has since come to an end. Dynast-King Galbraith, who once forged an everlasting peace between the eight races, has turned to the dark side. First he inflicted the curse of vampirism upon you. Then he began to enact a campaign of terror across the land of Arnasha. Even though you are doomed to suffer for eternity, you must do everything you can to stop the mad king and enact your vengeance on him for everything he has done.

It won’t be easy. Galbraith is powerful and dark forces threaten to impede your mission every step of the way. In order to have a prayer’s chance, you will need to build up a small army of familiars. Find them, subdue them, do whatever it takes to get them on your side, and train them into the most powerful entities ever seen. Then and only then will you make Galbraith know true fear.

As a warlord-turned-vampire, you wield a great many special abilities. You might not be much by yourself, but you can earn the loyalty of the many fantastic and powerful creatures inhabiting the realm. They will be your eyes, ears and primary source of destruction throughout your journey, so be wise in how you train them.

  • Play as one of eight characters. All of them have their own distinct characterizations, dialogues and abilities.
  • Collect hundreds of different kinds of familiars, including noble lion princes, magical fairies, holy angels, stout-hearted dwarves, fire-breathing dragons and more.
  • Use your hard-earned coin to acquire new familiars. Spend more to increase your odds of getting the rarer and more powerful critters.
  • Capture defeated enemies to turn them into your familiars.
  • Manage six statistics for every familiar in the game: health, attack, defense, wisdom, growth and agility.
  • Bolster your familiars’ statistics and abilities by sacrificing the ones you no longer need.
  • Merge two exact familiars together to evolve them into a singularly more powerful entity.
  • Level up your characters by training their skills in combat.

A grand adventure awaits you in Blood Brothers. You will travel across the land of Arnasha, meet interesting people, encounter amazing creatures, and kill them. Many challenges await you, as do many incredible rewards.

  • Experience a fantastic journey that unfolds across eight chapters.
  • Features a charming and nostalgic board game aesthetic.
  • Be prepared for anything. Random events can and will happen during your travels.
  • Acquire useful items from treasure chests you find in the world.
  • Engage in highly tactical turn-based combat and slay fearsome enemies.

You’re not the only warlord wandering around Arnasha. Many of your fellow players are out there fighting their own battles and having their own adventures. Their paths and yours will inevitably cross in a great number of ways.

  • Head off to the Bazaar to trade items and familiars with other players.
  • Fight against other players and their familiars when you encounter them in the world.
  • Build up a winning streak against other players to acquire all sorts of valuable rewards.

With Blood Brothers, you have the opportunity to partake in an epic fantasy adventure like no other. Not only do you have a quest of legendary proportions to complete, but you have a nigh unlimited number of ways to go about it. You have eight distinct heroes to control, hundreds of amazing creatures to collect, and thousands of ways to develop their skills. If that’s not enough, you can pit your tactical abilities and party makeup against those of other players to see how much of an effective warlord you really are. Once you enter the world of Blood Brothers, you may never want to come back!

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