Can the Nintendo Switch survive a variety of bends and twists test?

If you’re lucky enough to own the new Nintendo Switch, maybe you’re already playing Breath of the Wild and wondering how well the lightweight device will hold up over time. YouTube channel JerryRigEverything posted a fascinating Switch durability test video on Monday, and it offers a few surprises.

The downside is that it’s easily scratched and could benefit from a screen protector.The video kicks off in a low-key way with a screen scratch test that reveals the display’s plastic composition. “It’s a valid, cost-effective trade-off,” the JerryRigEverything narrator says.

An unexpected discovery shows the X, Y, A and B buttons have the letters formed into the buttons and not just printed on top, so they won’t ever wear off.

It’s nice how calmly and thoroughly this JerryRigEverything Switch torture test is delivered. There aren’t any histrionics or airborne flights from the top of a 50-story building, just a methodical run through scratch and stress tests that could simulate real-world wear and tear.

The Switch does a good job of surviving a variety of bends and twists, though it’s possible to break off the controllers with enough effort.

So what’s the biggest lesson here? Get your Nintendo Switch a screen protector ASAP.