You Can Turn WoW Gold Into Money For Overwatch, Hearthstone, And So On

Blizzard is now introducing another interesting wrinkle that makes them even more desirable.World of Warcraft added an item called Tokens back in 2015 to provide players with two options: a legitimate way to purchase in-game gold with real-world money, and a way to extend your subscription using gold.

With a change today, tokens can still be converted into 30 days of game time, as was previously the case. Alternatively, you can choose to convert into money for your balance–$15 in the US, specifically.

In other words, you can now turn gold you’ve earned by playing WoW into real-world money, albeit money that can only be used on certain Blizzard products. That said, with this money going into your wallet, it’s not limited to World of Warcraft purchases, like character transfers or pets. You can also spend that money on, for instance, Loot Boxes in Overwatch, card packs in Hearthstone, or characters and skins in Heroes of the Storm. You could potentially even buy an entire game.

Tokens cost $20, so it wouldn’t make sense to buy one and then convert it into funds. But if you’re someone who has amassed a large amount of gold, this is an interesting new option at your disposal.

Of course, doing so isn’t cheap: According to, the price to buy a Token with gold on North American realms in the last 24 hours has ranged from 57,728 gold to 63,647. It’s almost double that in Europe. The price may only go up from here with today’s news.