Dark Avenger – Grow in Power as You Carve a Bloody Swathe Across Treacherous Dungeons!

You are trapped in a dungeon. It’s filled with all manner of deadly traps, reanimated skeletons wielding rusty swords, horrors from the underworld, and other fearsome creatures with a taste for human flesh. What do you have? A sharpened iron sword fresh off the blacksmith’s anvil and a great number of deadly techniques honed for the art of mortal combat. Those monsters aren’t going to know what hit them!

Welcome to the world of Dark Avenger, a hack-and-slash action RPG available for Android and iOS devices everywhere! Explore a series of vast dungeons with your choice of fantasy hero, leave a trail of monster corpses in your wake, collect fantastic treasures from the darkest corners of the earth, and slay powerful demons not fit for this world.

When you’ve had your fill of monster-killing, feel free to test your skills against other players, or team up with them to take on challenges that are too steep for a lone warrior to tackle. For the enterprising adventurer that’s always on the move, there’s no better place to stop than Dark Avenger!

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes in the realm of fantasy. Some fight up close, some fight from afar, and some prefer to just stand back and sling spells around. Who will your Dark Avenger be and how will he or she conquer the insurmountable challenges ahead? Take a weapon and dive into the breach to find out!

  • Play as two classes. Get up close and personal with a blade in each hand as the Templar, or fill your enemies up with arrows as the Ranger.
  • Learn dozens of skills for each class. Fire multiple arrows at once, leave cunning traps and snares for your foes to wander into, create shockwaves with your swords, and more!
  • Equip your character with hundreds of distinct-looking pieces of equipment, including swords, bows, helms, boots, cuirasses and more.
  • Slay monsters to gain experience and increase your level. Higher levels get you better statistics and access to more powerful attacks.
  • Stay tuned! Be on the lookout for new classes and abilities for Dark Avenger in free future updates.

Combat in Dark Avenger is fast and frenetic. You have to be quick on your feet and skillful with a blade to even have a chance at surviving the dungeon’s many dangers.

  • Control your hero’s actions using virtual joysticks that appear on your screen. These things are so responsive, you’ll swear you’re operating a physical device.
  • Attack, attack and keep on attacking! Build up your rage by keeping the combo attacks flowing. The higher your rage, the more damage you dish out.
  • Drink potions in the midst of combat to restore your health and mana.
  • Loot money and items from the corpses of your foes.
  • Kill hundreds of different kinds of enemies, including skeletons, crawling torsos, mummies, winged she-demons, mechanized golems, armored knights, and more.
  • Deftly avoid deadly traps that lie in every corner and corridor of the dungeon.

Exploring the dungeon and slaughtering its denizens is only half the game. The rest comes from the fun you can have with your fellow players. Bring your character online and see how you fare against the other avengers out there.

  • Play Deathmatch and fight other players in three-on-three battles to the death. Rack up more kills than everyone else and prove your superiority to would-be heroes all across the globe!
  • Ascend the Infinite Tower. Kill a never-ending horde of monsters until you succumb to your wounds. Submit your score to the online leaderboards and see where you rank among other players.
  • Take part in an epic Boss Raid. Join forces with other players and work together to slay an incredibly powerful monster that would eat you for lunch if you faced him alone.

Dark Avenger taps into a niche that has gone previously unnoticed in the mobile gaming scene. It’s got fast-paced action that is equal parts frenetic and tactical. In order to succeed, you need to have a keen awareness of your surroundings and a good strategy in mind as you build your character.

The action never ends either. You can dive into the dungeons by your lonesome, fight against other players, or take part in quick cooperative gameplay. However, the most amazing part of all is that Dark Avenger is completely free and is always getting updated with new features.

Get it now and your vengeance will be in for a very bright future!

(Android – For most Android based phones and tablets.
See download page for specific requirements.)

(iOS – For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
See download page for specific requirements.)

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