Destiny Update Launches On Tuesday With Weapon Balancing

A new Destiny update arrives next week that deals primarily with weapon balancing, Bungie has confirmed.

Update is scheduled for release on Tuesday beginning at around 10 AM PT. In a recent livestream, Bungie demonstrated many of the changes that are in store; you can check that out below. One key change is that shotguns are being dialed back due to their overwhelming strength in Crucible. A number of abilities will also be tweaked–Stormcaller’s melee range has been reduced (making it comparable to other Warlock melee attacks), while Gunslinger’s throwing knife now deals solar damage.

Unluckily, full patch notes haven’t been released. Bungie reiterated today in a blog post that these will be coming on Tuesday alongside the patch, though that hasn’t stopped fans from trying to make sense of the changes on Reddit.

Bungie’s post acknowledged concerns that the stream made no mention of changes to Artifacts. That may be coming next, as it said, “You haven’t heard the last from the Live Team, and the sandbox is always an important part of their exploration of where the game should go next. With almost off the workbench, our design team is looking at another future release as a potential vehicle for some tuning on Artifacts as well. Time will tell, and you’re always a part of the conversation.”

As was to be expected, today’s blog post made no mention of Destiny’s sequel. As part of its earnings release today, Activision Blizzard reconfirmed that the game is due out this fall. It also said it will be more accessible to casual players.