Disney Emoji Blitz – Disney Emoji Blitz makes for some simple and adorable entertainment!

Out There

Disney Emoji Blitz is, in short, another match-3 puzzle game. Only this time you get to line up the adorable little caricatures of recognizable Disney icons instead of colored gemstones. Not a bad idea, really.

New characters can be earned, each with their own special abilities. They can also level-up to boost their point values. Clearing out large groups will create power-ups, etc. It’s mostly par for the course.

One Jump Ahead

Preparation can actually make a big difference. Different character abilities will be useful in different situations, but the key is to find what works for you.

  • Keep leveling-up your emojis. Every emoji you earn can gain experience through regular play (when you equip them), and the higher their level the more points they’ll end up giving you.
  • Check abilities before jumping into a game. Many of the character abilities are similar, but you’ll still want to know who does what so that you can plan accordingly once you’re in the thick of it.
  • Boosts are usually a waste of coins. Unless you have a surplus of gold, or you really want to clear a particular challenge, it’s probably best to hold on to your money.
  • Zero to Hero

    Each game of Disney Emoji Blitz is on a timer, so you’ll need to work fast. That doesn’t mean you can’t also work smart, though.

  • Try not to focus on character icons. Instead, look out for large groups of colors and go from there. It’s (generally speaking) a lot easier to make sense of things that way.
  • Don’t use power-ups right away. Different types have different functions, such as clearing out horizontal and/or vertical lines or removing all of a single character from the board. The thing is, most of these power-ups can combo with each other and clear out even larger chunks (and earn you tons more points) if you get them lined up right.
  • Keep an eye out for souvenirs. These items (recognizable as the only icons on the board that aren’t a face) are needed in order to complete souvenir sets and earn even more gold. They’re often used to complete challenges as well. You can collect them by getting them to the bottom of the screen.
  • Wait for Blitz Mode to activate to start using more power-ups and character abilities for an even bigger score boost.
  • Whatever’s left in the character ability meter at the end of a game will be used to place storm cloud power-ups (clear vertical or horizontal lines) at random for some last-second scoring. The more that’s in the meter, the more power-ups you get.
  • What’s This?

    Disney Emoji Blitz not the sort of game that will win over those sho don’t like the genre or anyone who might be burned out on matching triplicates, but it’s fun enough when taken at face (pun sort of intended) value. There are lots of characters to unlock and collect, plenty of high scores to chase, and it’s fun, for lack of a fancier descriptor.

    Give a Little Whistle

    It’s unlikely that there are any strangers to match-3 puzzle games at this point, but match-3 emoji puzzle games? Well, probably not that, either. Still, Disney Emoji Blitz takes a familiar formula and adds the adorable little smiley faces of iconic characters from over 90 years’ worth of animation.

    Super cute faces aside, there’s not much else to Disney Emoji Blitz that will help it stand out. Then again, maybe that’s enough.

    A Whole New World..?

    While matching three of a thing is anything but new at this point, Disney might be on to something with this whole “turn memorable characters into adorable icons” thing. Any fan of the studio will likely find a familiar face or two to squee over. And the best part is that their expressions actually change as you play. They smile most of the way through, pull off huge grins when the point-boosting Blitz Mode is activated, and even start to look sad once the timer gets close to zero. It’s freaking adorable.

    Time is actually a very important factor, and it goes a long way towards keeping things engaging despite their familiarity. You only have so many seconds to score as many points as possible, so you need to work fast. Fortunately there are plenty of flashy bits of on-screen feedback to spruce things up a bit as you tear through each game. Colors burst out of everything, sparkles fall like rain, and so on. It’s downright pavlovian.


    The unfortunate thing is that, while Disney Emoji Blitz is certainly adorable, nothing about it feels new. It looks unique enough, but it plays like half (or more) of the other match-3 puzzle games that have been on the market for quite some time now. The timer is nice but it’s been done. Unlockable matching pieces are cool, but they’re not new either.

    Really it’s just another match-3 game. Only it’s adorable and will probably tickle your nostalgia gland. Of course that may be enough, honestly. Especially if you haven’t gotten burned out on these types of puzzle games yet.

    Perfect isn’t Easy

    Honestly though, it’s hard to hate on Disney Emoji Blitz. Sure it’s not blowing the lid off of match-3 puzzle games, but it doesn’t really need to. It’s a fun, familiar, and satisfying thing to play when you aren’t sure what else to do with yourself. It’s also extremely cute, which could give it an edge depending on your puzzle preferences.

    – Review by Rob Rich

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