The Division Have Important Chances Before It Release Underground DLC On Xbox One

Ubisoft is set to make some changes to the way weapons are balanced in Tom Clancy’s The Division.

After giving fans a taste of The Division’s upcoming Underground expansion during its E3 press conference, Ubisoft has spoken about the game’s next major update.

While exact details are yet to be revealed, Ubisoft has confirmed that Update 1.3 will feature “significant weapon balancing”.

“Players will have the option of using the weapons they like and be more effective with them!” reads the latest Division blog post.
The Division will change some important things before Underground DLC on Xbox One
But the update won’t just focus on the game’s weapons, it will also make changes to other aspects of the multiplayer shooter.

Ubisoft is planning to release full details about the update “very soon”, so keep your eyes peeled for further information.

“We’ll be releasing an article very soon to detail just what is happening with the weapons balancing, so you can get a taste of what to expect and perhaps even prepare your loadout already!”

The first of The Division’s three paid expansions, Underground, will be available June 28 exclusively on Xbox One and PC.

Thanks to a timed exclusivity deal, the downloadable content won’t make its PS4 debut until August 2.The Division will change some important things before Underground DLC on Xbox One 02
Underground adds new areas to the game, as Agents battle it out in subways, tunnels, and sewers generated with random layouts.

A new incursion, named Dragon’s Nest, will also be added. According to the game developers, it will be bigger than those found in the previous updates.

Set in Hell’s Kitchen, Dragon’s Nest features the Cleaners as a primary enemy as they continue their haphazard and dangerous attempts to burn the virus out of New York City.

Underground will be followed by the Survival and Last Stand expansions later this year. Both will launch first on Xbox One and PC.

Survival challenges Agents to survive in a hostile environment as they scavenge for supplies, while details of the Last Stand expanion are yet to be revealed.