EA on Titanfall 2 — “It’s Not About First Day or First Week Sales”

On the day that Titanfall 2 launched, one analyst firm said the game’s sales would be “substantially disappointing” in part because it launched between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. EA has not said how many copies the game sold, but first-week physical sales in the UK were worse compared to the first game, despite being available on more platforms this time around.

Speaking today at a UBS conference in San Francisco, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said the company is taking a long-term view for Titanfall 2, so first-day and first-week sales aren’t the focus.

“We remind people we’re building a franchise with Titanfall, so it’s not about the first day of sales or the first week of sales, it’s about the long run,” he said. “We’ll do a lot of things with Titanfall to continue to build engagement. We’re going to give away a substantial amount of free extra digital content going into next year. And really build the franchise around people and engaging with the title. Because everyone who has played it just loves it.”

In an earnings call last month, EA CEO Andrew Wilson was asked if he’d do things differently in the future and decide against releasing future shooters so closely to each other. Wilson said that while Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 “have some overlap,” they “fulfill very different motivations in what a player is looking for.”

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As announced previously, all Titanfall 2 DLC maps and modes will be free, as part of developer Respawn’s effort to not divide the community.

GameSpot’s Titanfall 2 review scored it a 9/10. For more on the game’s critical reception, read this roundup of review scores.