Empire Defense II – Fend off the invading army with your strategically-placed warriors!

Your enemies are beginning the march of war. They have invaded your land, conquered your people, and salted your earth. You can no longer stand idly by. Rally the troops and mount a stalwart defense; the invaders’ march ends now! As a young warrior named Liu Bei, it falls upon you to protect the empire’s soil. You may not have the resources to retake all the land that has been lost so far, but you can whittle the enemy forces down by disrupting their marches through strategic ambush attacks. Riddle the warpath with all manner of stalwart soldiers, sharp-eyed archers, and wizened sorcerers. Use them to kill the encroaching army soldier by soldier until none remain. The battles ahead will not be easy, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Only through sheer victory will you ever reach it.

At its heart, Empire Defense II is a tower defense game without any actual towers. Instead, you’ll waylay the enemy’s march with skillfully placed soldiers. The enemy is numerous and relentless, but you alone control the flow of battle. Forge a harrowing road for them to wade through, and this war will be over in no time.

  • Follow a fantastical story based off of the Chinese epic, Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
  • Don’t let the enemy slay your general. If the leader falls, the war will be over for you.
  • Reap gold from the spoils of victory, or hire miners to collect it in the midst of battle.
  • Gather rare crystals to upgrade your soldiers in a variety of ways.

You are nothing without your troops. You must position these brave men and women wisely so that they may slaughter the oncoming enemies efficiently. Your war funds are limited, so use only what is necessary to win.

  • Use Spearmen to cause immense amounts of damage to any foe that foolishly comes within reach of their weapons.
  • Pick off enemies from afar with the Archer.
  • Slow down the army’s march using the spells of the Witches.
  • Take down flyers with the ballista.
  • Send in Drummers to improve troop morale.
  • And much more!

Just like in conventional warfare, battles in Empire Defense II will be determined by the general put in charge. Generals bring a lot of unique abilities to the table; knowing when and where to execute them will be the difference between victory and defeat.

  • Use over a dozen unique generals.
  • Lead your army with your favorite historical figures. Familiar faces include Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhuge Liang, Sun Shangxiang, Cao Cao, and Lu Bu.
  • Move your general’s position to lengthen the enemy’s warpath, alter its shape to your advantage, and open up more room to place your soldiers upon.
  • Command your generals to unleash powerful special attacks that do immense amounts of damage to enemies all over the map.

Empire Defense II is a solid tower defense game with a great emphasis on strategy for mobile devices everywhere. It looks good, boasts an impressive number of units, gives you lots of ways to upgrade your abilities, and is rife with a lot of challenge to keep you coming back for more. Fans of Romance of the Three Kingdoms will doubly enjoy it for the nods it makes to the epic. If you’re drooling for a defense game that gives you nigh unlimited control of the battlefield, then join your brothers-in-arms in Empire Defense II!

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(iOS – For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
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