Fallout 4 Mod Can Plays On Xbox One Tomorrow

Bethesda said the mods will be limited to a 2GB download. This extends to all mods downloaded, even if they aren’t active. Bethesda said they may increase the download limit at some point. Mod use on Xbox One is currently in beta, and the feature will be supported on May 31.Fallout 4 mods will use on XBOX One tomorrow
PlayStation 4 users will also be able to download Fallout 4 mods, but a date has not been set. We suspect the Xbox One-first deal to last the usual 30 days, but Bethesda confirmed it would happen sometime next month.

Over one million mods were downloaded on PC in less than two weeks of  the Creation Kit and launcher going live, and there are 1,232 listed for the platform on the mod hub page.