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Ladies and Gentlemen, do you enjoy Family Feud? What are we saying? Of course you do; you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. What’s more, have you ever enjoyed playing any of the countless video games based off of the hit TV show? Nothing can get the blood pumping more than getting together with your friends or family and answering all manner of tough, challenging and oftentimes hilarious questions. For the first time ever, the show that has been entertaining America for over 30 years is now available in a comfortable pocket-sized package called Family Feud & Friends and it’s never been easier to get a game going. With a few button presses, you can start up the game, find a human opponent to face off against, and start playing. Roll up your sleeves, put your thinking cap on, and get ready for an all-new generation of feuding with Family Feud & Friends!

You don’t need to get the whole family together to enjoy Family Feud & Friends; you can just as easily play it alone. Better yet, you don’t need to hunt around for a willing and worthy opponent to play against; it will bring them to you through a variety of powerful matchmaking tools.

  • Connect to Facebook to challenge your friends.
  • Use the random matchmaking service to pit your wits against another player in seconds flat.
  • Post your high scores up on the net and follow your buddies’ progress.
  • Check the leader boards that are updated everyday and see if you can climb to the top.

You might be playing it on a small screen, but this is as close to the Family Feud experience as you can get short of participating on the show itself. All the standard rules apply; every round, you’ll be asked a trivia question and it will become your job to figure out as many of the top answers as you possibly can. Every question has unlimited possibilities, so get ready to think outside the box and prepare to be amazed at what strange ideas can run in both you and your opponent’s heads.

  • Features everything you know and love from the show, including the sound effects, the catchy theme tune, and the welcoming voice of the announcer.
  • Includes over 600 different questions, thousands of answers, and a very generous parser that can and will figure out what message you’re trying to get across easily.
  • Type your answers using the keyboard that appears on your screen.
  • Work fast; you only have 20 seconds to get an answer down.
  • Receive a strike for every instant you jot down a wrong answer or let the clock wind down. Get three and you’re out!

It’s easy to see why Family Feud has been entertaining families for as long as it has. It looks easy at a glance, but in practice, it can be a really intense affair! You just never know what kind of outrageous answers are going to be up on the board or what interesting thoughts can run through some people’s heads. With Family Feud & Friends, you can take the experience everywhere you go on your iOS or Android device and challenge complete strangers and best friends alike in the online studio. Get into a feud today!

Family Feud has maintained enduring popularity over the years thanks to its unique gameplay. People are randomly polled and asked to give their answers to questions, and the top recorded responses appear on the game board. It’s up to the contestants to guess what exactly those top answers are, and the results are often surprising, thought provoking or hilarious!

Family Feud has remained timeless and relevant thanks to the survey format. The survey answers have changed with the times as audiences have changed, giving this game lasting appeal.

In Family Feud & Friends, you are given the opportunity to experience the fun of the game show whenever and wherever you want. You are presented with a question, and it’s your job to guess the top answers to the survey.

To make things more interesting, players also play head to head against a friend or a randomly chosen opponent. Your goal is to score more points during each round than the other player. The more common your choice of answer is, the higher your score.

If you manage to beat the other player by earning a higher score overall for all three rounds, you’ll be given a chance to earn extra money during the fast money round. It’s all about you during this special bonus round, so there is no opponent to worry about. Your goal once again is to predict the top answers, but this time to a variety of questions.

The game show has translated beautifully to a handheld format, and it’s surprisingly addicting. Having only a few fleeting seconds to ponder and submit responses makes the game a pulse pounding experience in the best of ways. In short, Family Feud & Friends plays like it was made to be an app.

The game gives you the option to play as a guest against random opponents, but you will probably opt to link the app with your Facebook account in order to play with your own circle of friends. The game doesn’t force players to be social, but having the ability to effortlessly play with your contacts is nice.

You can challenge your friends to rounds of Family Feud, and if you fall short during the fast money round, you can enlist the help of your friends via Facebook or email as well.

Family Feud & Friends also features levels that are prominently displayed beneath player names. Keeping pace with friends and family is good motivation to rank up and earn those levels!

One of the most easily recognizable things about Family Feud is the theme music, even for those who don’t regularly watch the show. This game features the same iconic music from the actual television program, and this really adds to the game. The audio is so clear and crisp that many new layers of instrumentation are discernible in the theme. Who knew the song was so heavy on the banjo? The sound effects during gameplay are also very authentic, making it feel like you’re really a contestant on the show.

The bright and flashy backgrounds look exactly like the set of the TV show as well. These shiny graphics are well done with plenty of polish, and they render wonderfully on handheld devices.

If you happen to be unfamiliar with Family Feud, the sound and visuals of this game will still appeal to you. With great graphics, a unique setting and memorable sounds, Family Feud & Friends will serve as a great introduction for newcomers to the franchise.

Family Feud & Friends usually does a great job of applying user guesses to the available correct answers. For example, burger was accepted as the correct answer to a question because the game recognized that burgers are primarily made from meat, and meat was one of the top survey answers. When the game succeeds at this intuitive guessing, it’s amazing!

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t always get what players are trying to say. When bacon was guessed during a round, it wasn’t accepted as a correct answer. Yet at the end of the round, both meat and fatty foods were top survey answers, and bacon technically counts as both. A human host would have understood this and applied bacon to one of the appropriate categories.

This is not a small con since it’s quite irritating during gameplay. If you can overlook this glaring flaw, the game is still a worthwhile play.

Typing on a small touchscreen isn’t easy, and backspacing during gameplay is a nightmare. When time is running out, you won’t have time to backspace your guess thanks to a slip of the fingers. The game doesn’t help players out much when it comes to misspellings and typos either, and this means that the utmost care must be taken when entering answers.

With that said, the game has a predictive text feature that does a really good job of bringing up potential answers based on the first few letters players type. This cuts down on painful text input and makes guessing fast and efficient.

As nice as this predictive text is, it suffers the occasional glitch. There is nothing like tapping on the answer you’re looking for and getting that big red X only to have it unveiled as the top answer at the end of the round.

Each round costs coins to play. Each day, players are given a free spin to earn a random amount of coins. This is fine, but it’s easy to burn through tons of coins in a short period of time, especially if you lose rounds. Once you’re out of money, there is no way to initiate new rounds of Family Feud.

The game gives players two options for acquiring more coins. You can either pay real money for a meager amount of coins, or you can complete various offers and receive a small coin kick back.

In addition to coins, the game is also monetized through ads that appear throughout the game. The ads are unobtrusive, but the coins are a potential moneypit for players. It would have been better to offer players a paid option instead of forcing them to constantly purchase coins in order to play the game in earnest.

The surveys in this game are conducted in America, which means that the answers are uniquely American. This isn’t a problem for players living in the US, but it’s a disadvantage for international players.

On the other hand, international players might enjoy the extra added challenge of trying to think like the average American during gameplay.

Family Feud & Friends succeeds in turning the popular game show into a fantastic game for handheld devices. The problems with the game’s interpretation of user input and occasional glitches put a serious damper on fun and will prove frustrating for most players. The constant need for coins is another serious con that spoils what is otherwise a fine game.

– Review by Alice Flynn

Alice Flynn is a gaming enthusiast and journalist from Los Angeles, CA. She is currently obsessed with obscure foreign dramas, making tofu taste edible and the latest, greatest computer games.

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