FIFA 14 – Kick, Shoot and Pass the Ball with Innovative Touchscreen Controls!

There’s only one thing better than watching your favorite football players score a goal at your command: watching your favorite football players score a goal at your command on the go. You’ll get that and a whole lot more with this portable edition of FIFA 14.

Half football manager and half football simulator, this game features unbridled strategy and action that will let you tear up the leagues with a team put together from only the very best players.

If taking control of your favorite team is not enough for you, then rest assured that FIFA 14 will let you indulge in the nitty-gritty details of association football. You will have the opportunity to assemble a team of your own that consists of only your most favorite players of all time.

  • Includes over 30 leagues.
  • Features players from over 600 licensed teams.
  • Boasts a database of over 16 thousand real life players!
  • Choose your strategy, formation and kit.
  • Ongoing support keeps FIFA 14 up to date with current news and events in the world of association football.

However, you’re not just here to put together a team. You’re here to see it kick butt on the field. Thankfully, you’ll get plenty of chances to do that using FIFA 14’s robust control scheme. You’ll be so amazed at how responsive the touchscreen it, that you’ll wonder why no one thought to make a football game like it before.

  • Watch the game unfold with modern 3D graphics.
  • Dribble, shoot and pass the ball with a few simple strokes of your finger.
  • Trace the paths of your passes and shots on the screen.
  • Perform slide tackles to steal the ball from the opposition.
  • Play with a more traditional onscreen thumbstick controller.
  • Earn money from you victories and use it to hire new players.
  • Play against the computer or go online to pit your handcrafted team against another player’s.

Do you love football? Do you own a mobile device? If you answered “yes” to both questions, then you should already know that FIFA 14 is right for you. The game is absolutely packed with action and a revolutionary control scheme that will get you more involved with football than you thought was possible.

Add on the possibility that you can put together just about any team in the association that you like, and you have an app that can easily hold a permanent place in your library. Get FIFA 14 and score a goal today.

FIFA 14 represents EA’s latest attempt to bring the bestselling console game series based off of the most widespread sport in the world to the mobile platform. While it’s a simplified affair when compared to its bigger screen counterpart, it still works amazingly well and is a fun game in its own right, particularly for the more economically-minded gamer.

FIFA 14 combines elements of sports with trading card games that is equal parts tactical, action-packed and strategic. It’s admittedly an odd mix, but it works surprisingly well and delivers the most definitive soccer experience that mobile gamers have been waiting for.

If there’s anything to be said about FIFA 14’s visuals, it’s that when they are good, they are very good. The action is usually pulled back really far to give you a good birds-eye view of the field, but despite that, it’s a lot of fun to see the player do their thing. They run, kick, shoot, slide and dribble the ball in an amazingly fluid and lifelike manner, making it almost look as if you’re watching a real game in action.

Occasionally, the game will zoom up close to illustrate more dramatic moments. At this distance, the graphics won’t hold up nearly as well due to the limited hardware, but they’re still pretty sharp all things considered. What’s especially amazing was how much effort was done to make all the players look unique and match their in-game appearances with the way they look in real life. More than that, they also help make the game look and feel more dynamic, like how they would appear on television.

On the other hand, the backgrounds can be a little on the boring side. Admittedly, this is mostly due to the fact that there’s not a whole lot to see on a real football field. All you’ll find are wide-open grassy spaces, but it does feel like it lacks detail at times.

It doesn’t help that the bleachers are completely devoid of life while the action is pulled back. You’ll hear the audience cheer and jeer for their favorite teams while a game is in progress, but it seems like they’ve all turned invisible. It’s not a big deal at all, but it can be a hard feeling to shake off at times.

FIFA 14 thankfully doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to sound design. As you play a match, you’ll overhear a running commentary detailing all the actions taking place on the field. It may not be the most detailed thing out there, but it’s still pretty dynamic and does a great job at making FIFA 14 feel less like a mobile game and more like an actual game of football unfolding before your eyes. Besides that, the aforementioned cheering of the audience works well at giving the game a lot of extra energy, even if it looks like it’s being presided over by ghosts.

While it’s easy to deride FIFA 14 as a freemium game, it’s actually pretty fair as far as business models go. There are no wait times to sit through; you can play the game however long you like and at whatever pace suits you best. It boasts multiple types of game modes that allow you to play quick matches or put together your own personal dream teams. They’re all free and you can get a lot of mileage out of them.

If you want to assemble a team featuring all your favorite association football players, you most likely can via the Ultimate Team mode. FIFA 14 boasts an impressive database of over 16 thousand players from over 600 teams in over 30 leagues. Chew on that for a while.

However, not everything is free. While some players can be obtained using in-game coins that you earn from your hard-earned victories, higher-quality players require actual money to purchase. New players come in the form of “booster packs,” much like what you’ll find in a lot of card games like Magic: The Gathering, so be prepared for anything when you open them. Buying them is not necessary to enjoy the game, particularly if you’re a more casual player. Just be careful of overspending if you’re a football enthusiast.

Besides that, there are three other modes to play that can only be purchased online: Kickoff, Manager and Tournament. They’re reasonably priced, can add a nice bit of variety to your game, and are yours for life once you buy them, but they’re not necessary to enjoy the meat and potatoes of FIFA 14.

When you’re finally done planning, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty details of association football. It plays just like you would expect; use your players to guide the ball to the opposition’s goal via a strategic series of kicks and passes. Gameplay unfolds in real time and is suitably action-packed.

The AI, while not the sharpest out there, is still competitive. It will do everything it can to give your guys a run for their money. Playing football in FIFA 14 is definitely a fast-paced game that requires quick tactical thinking.

One thing of note is that FIFA 14 has two different control schemes: Touch and Classic. Classic allows you to control things by pressing the on-screen buttons that allow you to sprint, pass, shoot or use a skillful maneuver. Meanwhile, Touch mode means that all of your controls are operated with the correct finger swipes. For instance, if you want to shoot, then you have to swipe your finger upward.

It sounds a like it would be a bit more immersive, but the controls can sadly be a little fickle at times. Worse, the control for sprinting can be really troublesome, as using it requires you to keep your finger pressed down on the screen. Thankfully, you’re free to switch between both modes, so it can easily be a non-issue. It’s just that having better touchscreen controls still would have been nice.

Overall, FIFA 14 is the best football simulator you can get for the Android or iOS platform of your choice. The number of players you can recruit is positively astounding, the games are fast-paced and a load of fun to play and watch, and it avoids most of the annoying pratfalls of the free-to-play gaming scene with some mostly fair pricing models. Just be prepared to open up some space on your device’s hard drive; it’s a very large game.

If you just don’t have or don’t want a game console hooked up to your television, then this mobile version of FIFA 14 is a more than suitable substitute that potentially won’t cost you a thing!

– Review by David Galvin

Dave Galvin is a freelance writer and avid gamer. Somehow, he managed to find a way to combine the two passions.

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