Flappy Wings – Navigate Through a Twisted Maze of Pipes Via the Power of Flight!

What’s your first reaction when you come across a pipe in a side-scrolling platformer? You jump over it. Your second reaction will probably be to travel down it. In Flappy Wings, those actions are a thing of the past. You’re not playing as some sort of plumber with a penchant for jumping around everywhere; you’re playing as a bird that can simply fly over everything.

It’s not nearly as easy as it sounds. Various obstacles, like pipes, are everywhere. You need to avoid every single one of them while keeping your flight maintained and your altitude steady. If you succeed, then you can enjoy the wind on your face. However, failure will result in you eating a dirt sandwich.

Flappy Wings should be an easy game for anyone to grasp. You control a cartoony little bird living in the grassy outskirts of a charming city. Life is simple and so is the gameplay. You fly around without a care in the world aside from the astounding number of pipes dotting the landscape. Does that sound easy? It’s not!

While your bird most certainly can fly, he can’t do so with the grace of the eagle or the wide range of motions that the hummingbird is capable of. He can only clumsily bob up and down in the air. Surviving a single flight in Flappy Wings will require immense willpower, control and patience.

  • Tap your screen to flap your wings and ascend higher in the air.
  • Pipes come in all sizes. Some grow up from the ground, while other descend down from the sky.
  • Learn to control your falls between pipes.
  • Features never-ending gameplay. Fly forever if you have the skills for it.

Flappy Wings is tough. Surviving its dangerous world will prove to be a testament of your skill, which will be measured in a variety of ways.

  • The game automatically keeps tabs on how many pipes you’ve passed by.
  • Earn four medals based on your performance: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.
  • Store your highest score on your device.
  • Share your best results with players all over the world.

Flappy Wings is one of the most deceptive games out there. The simple premise, easy controls, and cute visuals might make it look like child’s play, but it will quickly prove to be a harrowing experience that requires a lot of precision and a delicate touch to thrive in. Don’t let that deter you; it’s also incredibly fun and addicting. You’ll play it again and again, just to see if you can get past that one pipe that killed you last time.

Anyone looking for a challenge will do themselves a service by spreading their wings in Flappy Wings.

(Android – For most Android based phones and tablets.
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(iOS – For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
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