Friday The 13th Crosses 1.8 Million In Sales In Spite Of Rocky Launch

There’s been a lot of press around Friday the 13th: The Game, from a very buggy launch to controversies surrounding its still in-development single-player mode. But in spite of these issues, the game has still managed to sell a good number of copies.

Publisher Gun Media announced today that the game has moved 1.8 million units in the two months since it launched. In a press release, studio head Wes Keltner acknowledged the launch issues and said that developer IllFonic has more confidence now in its ability to improve the game moving forward.

“It’s been a long two months from our team here at Gun and IllFonic,” he said. “We have had an incredibly supportive and dedicated community since we launched, and while things haven’t been completely smooth we definitely feel confident moving forward. The team has grown and we are committed as we work to add more content, more kills, more to do, and of course the single player component to the game.”

The company also announced that the physical release of the game will launch on a very appropriate date: Friday the 13th, this October. The retail version is coming to PS4 and Xbox One, and it includes a Bloody Jason skin and a free clothing pack for playable camp counselors. It will cost $40, the same price as the digital versions.

The game recently got a long-awaited patch on Xbox One that significantly improves performance and fixes a ton of bugs. This is good news, considering that the game has been plagued by these problems since launch. Last month, Gun Media even released the game’s first content update for free as an apology for the bugs and glitches.