Game Guide To Play Pokemon Moon

This guide to Pokemon Moon and Sun provides a comprehensive, illustrated walkthrough. You will learn how to solve each of the puzzles and how to defeat the most demanding of opponents from the guide. In addition, it provides hints on gameplay, description of the interface and information on rare and legendary pokemons. You will learn how to use TM abilities and where to find them. Thanks to this guide, you will find out about all of the secrets of Pokemon Sun and Moon and you will be able to complete the entire game.
This guide to Pokemon Moon and Sun includes:
A comprehensive walkthrough including screenshots;
General hints;
Description of the interface and of Pokedex;
World map with locations and whereabouts of pokemons;
A list of legendary and unique pokemons;
Locations where you can find parts of Zygard Cube;
Descriptions of all TM abilities and descriptions of where to find them;
Descriptions of items.

Pokemon Moon Video Game
Pokemon Moon
genre: RPG
developer: Game Freak
publisher: Nintendo
platform: 3DS
Pokémon Sun for Nintendo 3DS is another role-playing game from the popular series developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. This is a twin production to the Pokémon Sun.

You assume the role of a trainer of the titular Pokémon. Your objective is to travel through the world in search of new creatures – catch them, train them, and pit them against other Pokémon in turn-based combats. The land combines elements of our reality and fantasy aspects. The game is set in a world well-known from the previous instalments. You assume the role of a young Pokémon trainer, who dreams of becoming the best of his kind in the whole world.

Pokémon Sun for Nintendo 3DS follows the classic gameplay of its predecessors. It is a role-playing game in which you travel through the world filled with quests. However, the game primarily focuses on the Pokémon training. You need to catch them, train them, and pit them against other trainers’ creatures in a turn-based combat.

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