Rise of Iron expansion pack satisfy fans?

The executive producer of Destiny: Rise of Iron, Scott Taylor, says he knows fans “want more content”.

The latest expansion for the game includes new maps, modes, weapons and areas to explore.

Speaking to Newsbeat about the update, Scott says: “People want stuff to do in the universe and so we’re just concentrating on trying to do that.”

But will it be enough to keep Guardians (the players) happy, as they wait for a rumoured full sequel in 2017?

Scene from Destiny

Unsurprisingly Scott Taylor thinks it will. He believes Rise of Iron gives fans what they want.

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“In the last year we released the Taken King which was the first major expansion to the game,” he says.

“Since then we’ve done little things like introducing a sparrow racing mini-game.

We’ve been learning so much since the game was first developed

Scott Taylor

“We’ve been seeing that players want both approaches. So for this update, we’ve heard that people want more and so that’s what we’re giving them.”

When Destiny was released in 2014, they got a big pat on the back from the gaming community.

It was one of the first major first-person shooters to incorporate gameplay more familiar to massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

It went on to be crowned Bafta game of the year and has around 30 million registered players worldwide.

But the number of active players is said to be going down and fans have been getting a little frustrated recently with a lack of new content for the franchise.

The leaking of rumoured concept images for Destiny 2 hasn’t helped some fans’ moods.

The release of Rise of Iron is a chance for the game’s producers to re-energise the Destiny community and get people excited about the franchise again.

Scott Taylor

Scott says that they’re trying to do that by appealing not only to current players but to new ones as well.

“We’re hoping it’s good for all players and that’s why we introduced a character boost so new fans can catch up with current payers if they want to join in,” he says.

“There’s also stuff in there for you if you’ve been playing the whole time.

“Those characters you’ve been interacting with and want to know more about? The game pays off some of that. ”

As well as new weapons and armour the game adds a new zone to explore, new game modes, an extra raid and gives players the chance to set up private matches with friends online.

The Destiny team isn’t officially talking about a potential sequel to the title yet, even if some fans are.

Scott says he and his team are just focusing on Rise of Iron.

“We’ve been learning so much since the game was first developed,” he explains.

“What our players like, what we think is working – and so this is the best version of Destiny that we know how to make today.

“People want more content; they want stuff to do in this universe so we’re just concentrating on trying to do that and giving people new adventures to go on.”

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