How To Get Your Striker In Fallout4

The Striker is a modified version of the Fatman that shoots bowling balls, and has a 50 percent chance to cripple its target’s legs.

Everyone in Fallout 4 has fired a Fatman loaded with a Mini Nuke, but with the Far Harbor DLC, a new legendary version of the Fatman has been added and modified to shoot bowling balls. The special effect of this weapon is that it stands a 50 percent chance to cripple its target’s legs, and it might even make the sound of a bowling ball colliding with pins when you hit an NPC with it. If we’re being honest, it’s not the most functional weapon in the game, but it goes without saying that you should hunt it down and have some fun with it for at least a few minutes. It can be modified (or de-modified) to fire Mini Nukes, so some function can be added back in through the Weapons Workbench.  Fallout-4 Striker tips 02
As with most things related to the new DLC, The Striker can be obtained from the Far Harbor island itself. Unlike the Old Reliable Lever-Action Rifle, or the Recon Marine Combat Armor, this one is free. You just have to go through the trouble of walking to its location.

Look for the Beaver Creek Lanes, a location just southwest of Far Harbor, but very near the eastern coast of the map. It’s actually only about a 30 second walk from Far Harbor, but when you arrive you’ll be met by several Ghouls, both inside Beaver Creek Lanes and out. There are never too many at one time, and if you use V.A.T.S., you can normally kill them while they’re still sleeping on the floor.

Head inside and go through another door with an “Employees Only” sign on it. Players will now have to travel along a somewhat linear path that takes them through a tunnel. Look for a room that has a safe in it, and on a table next to the safe will be The Striker. You can’t miss it, or the modified bowling balls that you can pick up for ammunition. If you have the skills, pick the lock on the Master level safe and grab a few more goodies for the road.Fallout-4 Striker tips 03
Out of the box, with no additional modifications besides those that have already been done, The Striker will do 275 damage per shot. If you already have a Fatman and don’t see the point in the 50 percent chance of crippling your target’s legs perk, it carries a value of 2,512 caps. Of course, vendors often try to rip you off a bit, so you might not get quite that much. Either way, whether for a pocket full of caps or the ability to shoot bowling balls at things, The Striker is worth the time it takes to grab it.