Halo 5 Can Be Free To Play On Windows 10

Microsoft announced that Halo 5 is coming to Windows 10 for free. There will be no campaign and no regular multiplayer mode.

Instead, Microsoft is bringing just the game’s Forge mode to Windows 10, along with a bunch of new, PC-centric tools for building maps. Forge is a map-creation tool used to create player-generated content in Halo games. Up to now, it’s only been seen on Xbox consoles.
Halo 5 will free on Windows 10
This isn’t quite as cool as having the entire game come to PC, but it’s still pretty neat. PC players will finally have access to Halo 5′s map-building software, and that software will be quite a bit more robust than on Xbox One.

They’re calling the PC version, Forge – Halo 5: Guardians Edition, which seems like an unnecessary mouthful to me. Why not just Halo 5: Forge Edition or something. “Guardians Edition” makes no sense at all in this context.