Iron Man 3 – Rocket Through the Skies and Destroy A.I.M. with Iron Man’s Explosive Arsenal

The world is in a constant state of flux. The forces of Advanced Idea Mechanics and the Mandarin are still at large, striking fear and terror in the hearts of the populace with their incredibly mechanized weapons. Fortunately, eccentric billionaire and technological genius Tony Stark is ready and willing to take the fight to them with his trademark suit of advanced power armor.

As a newly christened peacekeeper, it will be your job to help Iron Man keep the world safe. Blaze through the skies at speeds approaching Mach 1 with your rocket-propelled limbs, shoot down drones and droids using every kind of weapons J.A.R.V.I.S. is capable of unleashing, and face down many of Iron Man’s most formidable foes.

Heroes are not born; they are made. Prove you have all the makings of a great hero yourself with Iron Man 3!

If you want to experience the joy of flight, then you have to the right place. Iron Man 3 puts you right in the legendary suit of Tony Stark himself. Equipped with rocket engines, missiles launchers, laser guns, and a protective shell of titanium, you’ve got everything you need to fly in the sky and fight evil.

  • Steer using either the touchscreen or accelerometer.
  • Fly low to the ground or high up in the sky.
  • Dodge incoming missiles, bogey fighter jets, flying blimps, billboards, and other hazards.
  • Lock on to flying enemies and fry them with your lasers.
  • Fight combat drones, cybernetic A.I.M. soldiers, Gearheads, and more.
  • Beware of EMP mines. Destroying them will only spell doom for you.
  • Use a variety of powerful special attacks. Set loose a barrage of missiles that can wipe out all enemies on the screen, unleash a Frost Charge, and more.
  • Battle Iron Man’s deadliest archenemies, including Crimson Dynamo, Living Laser, and the M.O.D.O.K.

There is only one thing that Stark will never do with his technology: cease development of it. A.I.M. is constantly upping its game, so he has to do the same using all the resources that Stark Industries can afford.

  • Collect Stark Credits and use them to buy new toys.
  • Build over a dozen suits of power armor, each of which have their own distinct looks and properties.
  • Upgrade the attributes for all your suits of armor. Improve their scores in durability, weaponry and the power of their special attacks.
  • Unlock all sorts of places to fly over and rescue, like China, the shores of Malibu, and New York City.

Honestly, there’s not much else to say. If you love the Iron Man films or the comic books they’re based off of, then there’s no reason to pass up on the Iron Man 3 mobile game. Even if you only have a passing interest in Tony Stark’s adventures, this game is still a blast to play thanks to its gorgeous 3D visuals and explosive action.

Suit up, get armed for bear, and start blowing things to Kingdom Come in the most action-packed endless flyer ever devised!

(Android – For most Android based phones and tablets.
See download page for specific requirements.)

(iOS – For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
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