James Bond 007: World of Espionage – Play James Bond 007: World of Espionage and take control of MI6’s greatest agent as you bring down global conspiracies.

You are Bond. James Bond.

An agent of MI6 never rests. The world is full of terrorist cells and criminal organizations plotting to take over the world, and only James Bond has the ability to stop them. That will be your job in James Bond 007: World of Espionage. You must travel around the globe and unravel the many conspiracies that threaten to bring it down. Use every talent you have; fight, shoot, sneak, converse and even charm your way through the shadowy underbelly of the world. Establish a remote base where you can carry out your operations with your fellow agents, and compete against rival branches of MI6 to prove your superiority over them. In James Bond 007: World of Espionage, the world is truly yours!

Commence the Mission

As Agent 007, you will need to complete all manner of deadly covert missions in the field. Take care in your travels and trust no one, for everybody is a potential enemy.

• Relive the best Bond films out there, including From Russia with Love, Diamonds are Forever, Dead Again Tomorrow, and Skyfall.
• Fight classic Bond villains like Dr. No, Ruby Cox, Red Grant and Raoul Silva.
• Earn experience to improve your attributes, such as your Attack, Defense, Health and Stamina.
• Gather intel, sneak into enemy bases, fight off rogue agents, and chat up the ladies.

Lead the Agency

It’s vital that you stay undercover, Mr. Bond. You can’t always expect to come running home when things go sideways. Fortunately, World of Espionage will give you ample opportunity to build and maintain a remote branch of MI6.

• Hire agents that will help you defend the base.
• Head over to the Q-Lab and acquire the best technology MI6 can afford.
• Specialize your agency in security, spying, combat and more.
• Purchase over a dozen upgrades for your home.
• Attack other players’ agencies for more goodies.
• And more!

I Expect You to Play

World of Espionage is the app that every self-respecting James Bond fan needs to have. With endless references to the film franchise, challenging missions to complete, hundreds of gadgets to acquire, and much spy intrigue to be had, you can’t ask for anything more. Make a vodka martini for yourself and join MI6 with Mr. Bond today.



Not a Classic in the Making

Who doesn’t love James Bond in some capacity? The franchise has been going strong for over half a century, and while it’s had its ups and downs, people just can’t get enough of Agent 007. It was only natural that a mobile game would come out to capitalize on the name, and leave it to Glu Games to deliver with James Bond 007: World of Espionage. The only problem is that they really have not. Despite the huge potential and the great number of titles that have been made in the past, such as the classic GoldenEye 007 for the N64, what Glu made could hardly even be called a game.

Push to Succeed

What kind of game is World of Espionage? Does it involve shooting baddies with a cool arsenal of weapons and gadgets? Is it a stealth game where you sneak past enemies undetected? Is it a strategy game where you try to unravel an international conspiracy with tactical use of MI6’s agents? The answer is none of these things. One could say that World of Espionage attempts to be some kind of strategy-RPG hybrid where your statistics play a large part in your success, but that does both genres a disservice. This game should really be considered more of a button-pushing simulator.

You push a button for every little thing in this game. Need to make a daring getaway? Push a button to shift into high gear. Need to sneak into a base without tripping the alarms? Push a button. Need to seduce a femme fatale? Push a button. Need to make sure your martini is shaken and not stirred? You get the idea. You simply press a button, watch your experience go up while your energy goes down, and repeat until the mission ends. There is a wide assortment of missions that are all effectively supposed to represent key scenes from the film series and which bring you closer to taking down some iconic Bond villain, but they’re all carried out the exact same way. Occasionally, you’ll be given a choice, such as whether to protect Ally A or Ally B from a surprise attack, but this only results in different statistics going up.

Spy vs. Spy

The multiplayer portion of the game isn’t any better. As is the case for many mobile games, there’s a base-building aspect. It’s very simplistic and, like everything else in the app, entirely menu-driven. You don’t get to design the look and layout of the place; you just buy what you need and reap the benefits.

Bases can be attacked by players, and you in turn can assault other players, but it’s hardly the tactical or action-packed affair you would expect from a Bond game. You simply press the attack button repeatedly until your opponent is defeated, then take your rewards and leave. That’s it. You can opt to use some special attacks that are more powerful but stamina-intensive, but those add nothing at the end of the day. There really is no skill or strategy involved, nor is there any justifiable reason for an app like this to even have a multiplayer component. It’s there for the sake of being there.

Not the Most Suave

No real effort was even taken to make the game look exciting. Despite referencing various Bond films like the old From Russia with Love to the more recent Skyfall, there’s barely any narrative to be had. You’re simply told to flirt with this woman, sneak into that base, and kill those guys without any sense of context. If you’re unfamiliar with the films you’re taking part in, you’re not going to have the foggiest idea what exactly is going on.

The presentation is similarly boring. Don’t expect to explore any environments via an in-game avatar. Don’t expect to see any cutscenes, comic panels or even movie clips either. This app is menu-driven from start to finish. The only real aesthetics to be had in World of Espionage are the characters’ still images. The game uses the most recent depictions of its characters to get its point across, with Daniel Craig posing as James Bond and Naomi Harris assuming the role of Miss Moneypenny, though there’s also a mix of older characters like Dr. No put in as well. It’s kind of neat to imagine the new fighting against the old, but it’s ultimately small potatoes. The only real enjoyment to be had from the visuals is in the often cheesy pictures of the minor characters, all of whom wear the corniest outfits and expressions you could imagine.

At least the music is pretty good. There are many enjoyable James Bond tunes to be heard, including the franchise’s trademark theme song, which is just as campy and catchy as it’s always been. However, you can’t really give Glu too much credit here. They only lifted the tracks wholesale from the movies after all.

You Will Pay for This

Perhaps what’s most insulting about World of Espionage is that despite its near-complete lack of substance, it still does everything it can to wring you dry. The app is on an energy meter, and every little action you do drains it fast. Just doing a couple missions where you press a button over and over again for two minutes will deplete it and bring up a menu asking if you’d like to purchase a refill. To be fair, you can squeeze a little more playtime out of the app by increasing your energy meter every time you level up, but that won’t really do anything to speed up the rate at which it refills. 

The fact remains that it’s absurd to pay any money just so you can press a button a few more times over the next two minutes. While scummy freemium business models are part and parcel for the market, the majority of games that use them at least have the decency to reward the paying player with some actual interaction and skill-based challenge. World of Espionage offers nothing.

Conclusion: More Like Agent 000

It’s galling to think that one of the most intriguing, iconic and downright fun works of fiction from the last century would inspire one of the dullest apps imaginable, but that’s exactly what James Bond 007: World of Intrigue is. It’s taken the skeletal structure of a free-to-play mobile game, thrown in the absolute minimal amount of interaction to qualify as a game, pasted some James Bond pictures in to give it the barest amount of context, and expects you to pay for the pleasure. Don’t waste time with this. If you want to experience some thrilling spy action, just go watch your favorite Bond film instead.


– Review by David Galvin

Dave Galvin is a freelance writer and avid gamer. Somehow, he managed to find a way to combine the two passions.

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