Jewels Deluxe – Solve Colorful Match 3 Puzzles in This Pirate Adventure!

Match 3 style puzzles are easy to understand and appreciate, but they take practice and wit to completely master. Jewels Deluxe provides some of the best this genre has to offer, delivering hours of rock solid puzzling fun.

The idea is simple. You are presented with an interactive grid of brilliant gems, and the game allows you to swap any two adjacent jewels. If a match is created of three or more jewels of the same color, they will be removed from the grid. New gems fall to fill the now vacant space, and this changes up the board. The more the board is manipulated, the more opportunities surface for gem matches.

Bigger moves equal bigger point values. Making matches of four, five or even six gems will grant you more points per move, making these skillful plays worth mastering to really rack up the points.

Jewels Deluxe takes the tried and true gameplay of the classic match 3 puzzle and adds a salty twist by adding elements of the high seas. Lead a team of adventurous pirates to riches and plunder as you work your way through level after level of shiny, glistening jewels. The nautical theme is pervasive throughout the game, with majestic pirate ships, glittering oceans and sun-kissed sands.

This game boasts five awesome game modes that serve to keep the game fresh and interesting, time and again.

* Classic
Classic pits your skills against the clock. Your goal is to match the jewels and level up before time runs out. Are you up for the challenge?

* Task Mode
In this game mode, you are required to gather certain colors and amounts of jewel loot. Move on by hitting your quota. This mode gets harder with each level, delivering a satisfying challenge!

* Clone Attack
This mode really puts your jewel shifting skills to the test. Recreate specific shapes of jewels on the board. It starts off with simple shapes like a vertical line, but don’t be fooled. Later levels up the ante with more complex shapes.

* Challenge
Gold coins have a special place in the heart of any true pirate. In this mode, some of the jewels on the board are swapped with gold coins. The challenge here is manipulating the board without destroying the valuable booty. Collect the coins by successfully moving them down to the bottom of the board. When they fall, they’re yours.

* Puzzle
This mode has players working to solve the game grid in a specific pattern. This mode requires some serious brain power and strategy for success.

These game modes give Jewels Deluxe loads of action and variation!

Graphics are important in a game with jewels and treasure. The visuals in this game are impressive and immersive, really adding something to the gameplay experience.

Jewels Deluxe is a match 3 puzzle adventure with plenty of pirate booty and swag. It’s sure to please any puzzle lover.

(Android – For most Android based phones and tablets.
See download page for specific requirements.)

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