Kick the Boss – Let the Boss Feel Your Rage in this Darkly Comical Beat-Em-Up!

Do you work for a bad, annoying or utterly incompetent boss? Does he call you into the office on your days off, force you to work overtime for no extra pay, or constantly remind you to put those cover sheets on the TPS reports properly? Do you just want to wring his scrawny neck, slam his face into the drawer, and drop-kick him straight into the sun? With Kick the Boss, you can finally live the dream!

It’s just you, a virtual boss of a virtual company, and an otherwise empty office with nowhere to run and no place to hide. He is completely at your mercy and you are free to show him who the boss really is in whatever way you want.

Gameplay in Kick the Boss could not get any simpler. Your boss, a mustachioed man named Joe, has finally crossed the line. It is now your mission to inflict whatever pain you want onto him.

How you do that is up to you. The game features robust physics and takes advantage of both your device’s touch-screen and its mobile nature to allow you to get creative and visceral.

  • Watch the boss lose consciousness at times and acquire more amusing injuries on his body as you beat the snot out of him.
  • Fume in anger as Joe hurls insults in your direction. Pay him back in full with the wrath of your favorite deity.
  • Click and drag Joe with your finger and throw him all over the screen. Bash him on the walls, drop him on the floor, shake him, flip him, and do whatever else your inner sadist demands.
  • Shake and tilt your device to throw him all over the room uncontrollably.
  • Do you want Joe to be awake to feel the pain you’re going to inflict on him? Spend a heart to revive him and get back to the beat-down!

Is flinging Joe at the walls not enough for you? Do you just have to come up with more vicious ways to pulverize him? Then this next bit should delight you; there are a variety of in-game items available that can mix your flavor of violence up quickly and easily.

From basic office supplies to military grade hardware, there is no shortage of ways to rend your boss limb from limb!

  • Abuse the boss to earn coins and diamonds. Use them to purchase new toys.
  • Perform some very amateurish acupuncture on Joe using any number of sharp objects like pencils, darts and thumbtacks.
  • Pelt Joe’s ugly face with eggs and ruin his expensive Italian suit.
  • Stick post-it notes on him that call him “stupid.”
  • Chop him up with your choice of bladed instrument. Hack him with a butcher knife or go medieval on his butt with a silver dagger.
  • Fill your boss up with lead using an assortment of firearms or blow him to smithereens with a rocket launcher.
  • Go to war against upper management with a Sherman tank!
  • And much, much more!

Weapons aren’t the only things you can buy; there are all sorts of game-enhancing goodies just waiting for you. If you want to speed up the pace of your game or add even more spice to your virtual temper tantrum, there’s no better place to go than the in-game store.

  • Unlock more bosses to torment.
  • Unleash some carnage in all new levels, including a garage and a tatami room.
  • Increase the rate at which coins are dropped.
  • Buy more hearts to revive your bosses quicker.

Is Kick the Boss the right game for you? It is if you either have a particularly dark sense of humor or just need a good stress reliever that you can pick up at anytime.

If you have an Android mobile device, an iPhone, an iPod Touch or an iPad, then you can get started on getting back at Joe and his associates right now. It’s a never-ending video game boss fight you can’t possibly lose!

(Android – For most Android based phones and tablets.
See download page for specific requirements.)

(iOS – For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
See download page for specific requirements.)

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