How To Level Up Quickly In Overwatch

Levelling up allows players to earn loot boxes for each level gainedin Overwatch. Loot boxes always contain cosmetic items of different rarity, including skins, sprays, emotes, and other customizations. Duplicate items can be turned into credits to unlock customizations of your choice.

The loot boxes never offer anything that would provide an unfair gameplay advantage. Since loot boxes are the sole reward of gaining new levels, levelling up is primarily for the purpose of gaining customizations.

Best Ways to Earn XP Fast
Players will always earn XP as long as they are active during a match and don’t go AFK. Earning XP in Overwatch is rather straightforward, but there are still some strategies you can use to gain more XP per match and accelerate the leveling process. How to improve your level in Overwatch 03

Team Up with Friends
While playing with a group, you earn 20% more XP than you would if you were playing solo. The XP bonus applies even when grouped with only one other person, and everyone gets the bonus. If you see a friend online, be sure to team up with them for a few rounds to increase your total XP gain.

Stay Queued
There’s an additional 200 XP up for grabs for each consecutive match played. This requires staying queued in a single match lobby without backing out to the menu. As you play match after match, win or lose, you’ll earn an extra 200 XP for just sticking around. Joining a match in progress offers an extra 400 XP, most likely because you’ll end up on a team that lost players and is falling behind. However, you can’t control whether you queue into a match in progress, so don’t rely on this for fast XP gain. How to improve your level in Overwatch 02

Win Matches
Winning isn’t everything, except when it comes to earning additional XP. You always earn 250 XP for completing a match, regardless of win or loss. However, winning a match grants you 500 XP on top of the default completion reward. Your first win of the day also grants an additional 1500 XP, which is of course only available once every 24 hours.

Earn Medals
Overwatch rewards top players by granting medals at the end of a match. Gold Medals will net 150 XP, Silver Medals give 100 XP, and Bronze Medals are worth 50 XP. However, medal XP rewards do not stack. Players receive the additional XP bonus for the highest medal earned. Strive for Gold Medals each time you play in order to net the highest medal bonus.

Play Against Online Opponents
XP is earned whether you play against AI opponents, or against other players online. However, playing online against real people will generally nab you more XP than playing against AI. This is probably due to the fact that AI opponents are less of a challenge overall, plus it keeps the online servers populated.

Stay active during every match, don’t quit your queue, team up with other players, and strive to help your team win. If you follow these general guidelines in Overwatch, you should be able to level up fast and watch the loot boxes roll in. Head over to our Overwatch Hero Guide for more tips and tricks for playing each hero.