Metal Storm – Blast Bogey Fighters Out of the Sky at the Speed of Sound!

Buckle your seatbelt and get ready for takeoff. You’re about to experience the fastest and most explosive iOS game ever released. Forget about the usual puzzle and simulation titles; in MetalStorm: Wingman, you’ll blaze through the skies at speeds of at least Mach 1 and take on both enemy aircraft and ground forces from the confines of an advanced fighter jet. With a revolutionary new interface and control scheme, MetalStorm will bring you closer to the action in a way old gaming platforms could only dream of.

Chances are good that you have never played a game quite like MetalStorm: Wingman before. Thanks to technological marvels like the touch-screen and accelerometer, a brand new control scheme was designed for the game that aims to make things as intuitive and responsive as possible. Once you experience it, you will likely never look at the flight simulation genre ever again.

  • Control every action with the press of a button that is displayed on your device’s screen. Accelerate, slow down, fire your guns, and launch your missiles. The power is literally in your hands!
  • Tilt your device to bank your jet, steer it through the sky, and change its altitude.
  • Make fast turns and perform daring barrel rolls with a flick of your finger.
  • Lock onto enemy targets by swinging your reticule over them.
  • Experience sound-breaking action with full three-dimensional visuals.

There’s no wrong way to play MetalStorm: Wingman. The game packs an assortment of options that allow you to find your own distinct play style.

  • Climb into the cockpit of over a dozen different jets.
  • For uncontested speed and mobility, pilot an Agility-class aircraft.
  • If destruction is the name of your game, try a Weapons-class vehicle.
  • If a strong defense is your greatest offense, then the Defense-class jets are just for you.
  • Arm your aircraft with seven different missiles and eight different cannons.

MetalStorm: Wingman has a lot more depth to it than you would normally expect from a combat flight simulator on a portable system. The Campaign mode not only gives you a series of challenging single-player missions to complete, but it also tells an epic story rife with drama and intrigue. You’ll assume the role of the leader of the elite Helios squad. With the rest of your teammates in the fictional world of Markovia, you will work together to destroy the evil Dominus. The only thing better than blowing things up from the air is to do so with context.

  • Complete a thrilling series of missions where you work alongside a pair of wingmen who have their own distinct personalities.
  • Take part in highly engaging dogfights at breakneck speed.
  • Destroy well-fortified ground targets, including aircraft carriers, rogue military bases, whole divisions of armored tanks, and more!
  • Earn experience and money between each mission. Use them to upgrade your jet and stock up on ammo.

If destroying AI-driven targets is just not doing it for you, then maybe you should consider going head-to-head against other people. In Versus mode, you’ll do exactly that. You and another player will engage in an online high-speed deathmatch that takes place several miles in the air.

  • Battle for supremacy in the skies for two-and-a-half minutes. Whichever player scores the most kills in that time wins the match.
  • Get into a game quickly and easily using the AutoMatch service.
  • Throw down the gauntlet and duel a friend you have on Game Center.
  • Gain additional experience and money with every victory you achieve.
  • Win matches to increase your Skill Rating and take on even better opponents.

If nothing else in MetalStorm can even hope to challenge you, then perhaps the Survival mode is what you need to sink your teeth into. In this mode, you and/or a small team will be pitted against a vast horde of enemies. Your goal is simple: Destroy as many of them as you possibly can. Death is certain, but you’re not going to go down without giving them one heck of a fight first!

  • Take to the skies and fight off wave after wave of incoming bogies.
  • Play by yourself or play cooperatively with player-controlled wingmen.
  • Earn bonus experience and money as you play.
  • Prove your MetalStorm mastery by climbing the global leader boards as you score kills and evade complete destruction.

If you’re experienced with any sort of flight simulator, including both the deep and immersive ones that aim for accuracy and the intense arcade-style games of the past, then MetalStorm is seriously worth your consideration. It has something for everyone; a challenging single-player campaign with a strong narrative, co-operative and competitive multiplayer, and a most unique control scheme that is so fun and intuitive, you’ll wonder why no one has ever thought of it before. Best of all, you can get it completely for free! MetalStorm: Wingman should not be missed by anyone who craves a more action-packed experience for their mobile gaming needs.

(iOS – For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
See download page for specific requirements.)

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