Modern Warfare Remastered May Get Microtransactions and New Weapons

Data miners have been at it again, and, while delving into the depths of Modern Warfare Remastered, have uncovered what appears to be new weapons and files possibly hinting at the introduction of microtransactions down the line.

Reddit users Semyel and Tails made the discovery, which reveals a bunch of weapons from other Call of Duty games–for example Black Ops’ Galil and Modern Warfare 2’s Striker–as well as a new Shovel melee weapon and a previously unseen Kamchatka-12 automatic shotgun, which looks pretty powerful.

The pair also lifted the lid on files that point to the inclusion of an armoury and weapons dealers, potentially similar to Black Ops III’s black market. Texture files named with the term “loot” were found, too.

It’s unclear whether the new weapons and armoury were features formerly intended to be in Modern Warfare Remastered or if these files exist to form part of some future update.

In other Call of Duty news, Infinite Warfare held onto its place at the top of the UK physical sales charts this week, though opening week sales were down 48 percent on Black Ops III. We enjoyed Activision’s latest shooter here at GameSpot, with critic Miguel Concepcion scoring it an 8. Why not check out our full Infinite Warfare review, or even our two-part interview with the brains behind Infinite Warfare, Infinity Ward.