Mysterious No Man’s Sky Website Goes Live As Part Of Alternate-Reality Game Ahead Of New Update

If you haven’t been tuned into No Man’s Sky news lately, there’s an alternate-reality game going on right now that seems to be leading to a new update in August. It’s been going for a few weeks now, but today a new, interesting phase began. A mysterious website went live that allows you to type in commands, and it gives glimpses of some of No Man’s Sky’s lore.

If you go to the Waking Titan site, you’ll be greeted with a command line. From here, you can play around with different commands and see what comes up. Typing in “Whatis Atlas,” for instance, brings up a short poem about the game’s shadowy Atlas organization. You can also type in “ship” to see a painting of a spacecraft that has appeared elsewhere in the ARG.

Things get really interesting if you type “List Commands.” This’ll show you a short selection of different commands and files that exist; you can enter “Start Atlas.init” and “Start CSD.init,” for instance, and see that the website is waiting for some sort of input before progressing. “Citizen science protocols loaded ready for live test input seed to continue,” it reads.

If you’re interested in reading more about the ARG and the efforts to solve it, check out the No Man’s Sky subreddit thread on it here. There’s no word yet on what the August update might include; developer Hello Games has been tight-lipped about the game since its previous update in March. The Waking Titan website actually is a bit self-referential: if you type “Hello Games,” you’ll get “Process Hibernating” in return.

Assuming that the teased update is a major content patch, it’ll be the third such update since No Man’s Sky’s release last year. The first, called the Foundation Update, added base-building and frigates, while the second added land vehicles.