New Street Fighter 5 DLC Costumes Revelaed

Capcom has revealed more DLC costumes for Street Fighter V. Unlike the retro fighter outfits the publisher revealed earlier this month, this particular batch is inspired by athletic competitions of a different nature.

On July 25, players will be able to purchase sports outfits for Ibuki, Laura, and Rashid. Ibuki’s costume is a volleyball uniform, while Laura and Rashid both don soccer jerseys and shorts. Like other DLC costumes, the sports outfits retail for $4 each. You can take a look at them below.

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The new costumes are releasing alongside the previously revealed retro DLC outfits for Alex, Ibuki, and Juri. These costumes are all inspired by older Street Fighter games: Alex and Ibuki’s costumes are both based on their respective looks in Street Fighter III, while Juri’s is taken from Street Fighter IV. The iconic Suzaku Castle from Street Fighter II is also being offered as a DLC stage.

Finally, Street Fighter V’s newest DLC character, Abigail, also debuts on July 25. The burly bruiser hails from the Final Fight series and is available as part of the game’s $30 season pass, which also includes Akuma, Kolin, Ed, and one more character who has yet to be announced. You can watch a trailer for Abigail at the top of this story.