Nine Years After Release, Fallout 3’s Soundtrack Getting Another Vinyl Special Edition

Even though it’s been nearly a decade since Fallout 3 originally came out, its soundtrack will soon get a new edition. Record company Spacelab9 announced today that it’s re-releasing the soundtrack on vinyl.

The special-edition record is the third such vinyl for the soundtrack that Spacelab9 has made; the first two, a multi-disc box set and a picture disc version, were released in 2015 and sold out quickly. This new edition features the game’s iconic box art on its cover, and some of the cartoony, retro-futuristic art on its inner sleeve. You can check out images of the record below.

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The vinyl costs $30; a limited, yellow version of the record (pictured above) will go on sale at ThinkGeek on Friday, June 30. The soundtrack is composed by Inon Zur, who also composed the scores for Fallout 4 and Fallout: New Vegas.

If you’ve been itching to return to Fallout 3, it’s easy if you own the game on PC or Xbox 360. It’s backwards compatible on Xbox One, and it’s still fully supported on PC. However, the PS3 version is still only playable on PS3–it hasn’t come to Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming service yet.