Nintendo Announces Monster Hunter Direct Event

Nintendo has scheduled a Monster Hunter Direct event for October 27. According to Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account, the broadcast will take place at 8PM Japan Standard Time, which is 4AM PT / 12PM GMT.

Although many have jumped to the conclusion that this may be a new game for Nintendo’s new console, Switch, it is more likely the Direct will be for existing titles, such as Monster Hunter Generations or Monster Hunter Stories for 3DS, which may receive DLC.

There’s also the chance that a new Monster Hunter could be announced for existing hardware like the 3DS or Wii U. This could come in the form of a re-release with new content and update for the 3DS or an “Ultimate” version for the Wii U, much like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

As pointed out by Nintendo Life, the image used in Nintendo’s Twitter post uses the original PS2-era Monster Hunter logo, which may be a hint at a remake or re-release. Of course, GameSpot will be at hand to bring you the news as it’s announced.

The last game in the series to be released was Monster Hunter Generations. In GameSpot’s Monster Hunter Generations review, Justin Haywald awarded it an 8/10.

“Monster Hunter Generations’ tutorials are obtuse, and you can only learn where to find some rare items by dumb luck or by looking them up in a guide. But the combat system still offers the same deep rewards it always has,” he said. “Monster Hunter Generations still feels like a niche, punishing game that bears more in common with Dark Souls than an adventure game you’d typically find on 3DS. But that punishment never feels arbitrary.

“With Monster Hunter you get out what you put into the game, and Monster Hunter Generations is a game that compels me to put in more of my time.”