Nintendo Announces New 2DS Designs With a Ridiculous Video

There are two new color schemes on the way for 2DS, but more demanding of your attention is the manner in which Nintendo announced them.

These new color-swapped systems change the old look, which had a black front and red or blue on the sides. Now, those systems will see the sides turned black, while the front (and rear) are red or blue. They’ll be available for the usual $80 with a digital copy of Mario Kart 7 loaded on the system.

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Nintendo’s press release attributes this change to dopey old Luigi, who is said to have been involved with an “incident,” which you can watch above. In it, Luigi–as a result of ineptitude, nefariousness, or just having enormous fingers–causes the switch by typing in the wrong color code on his computer.

What initially looks like a disaster ends up being accepted and praised, with the press release stating, “This new color swap will be remembered alongside other such innovations as jelly and peanut butter, or roll and rock.”

Mario, who is apparently the judgmental sort and very particular about his colors, also approves.

“Even Mario approved and decided that the new look will start replacing the old one,” Nintendo said, “so everyone should see the color-swapped Nintendo 2DS systems appear in stores this November,”