Nintendo’s New Miitopia 3DS Game Unveiled, and It’s Coming to Japan Really Soon

Back in September, a Japanese Nintendo Direct revealed the existence of a new 3DS game called Miitopia. Beyond the name, there was virtually nothing shared, and it wasn’t mentioned at all in the Directs that aired in other regions. As part of today’s Direct on Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the Japanese audience was treated to some new information about Miitopia, which will be out in Japan quite soon.

Nintendo didn’t share gameplay specifics during the Direct, instead opting to a share a release date: Miitopia launches in Japan on December 8 for 4,700 yen (about $45). Later this week, on November 5, Nintendo will showcase the game during another Japan-only Nintendo Direct event. Immediately afterward, a special demo will be released on the eShop.

However, a demo for the game was actually released in Japan today. As featured in the video above, shared on YouTube by user NintenDaan, we can get a look at what Miitopia consists of (albeit in Japanese). As you’d expect, you can use Miis stored on your system to take part in what look like turn-based RPG-style battles. We also see two Miis spending time together, with one presenting another gift. It’s a bit reminiscent of Tomodachi Life.

We should know more following Saturday’s event. With it being a Japan-centric Direct, though, the question of when it will be released in other regions will likely go unaddressed.