Our Most Anticipated Horror Games: Dead Air Episode 30

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Horror video games have had a bit of a lull lately, but as 2016 comes to a close and we usher in a new year, the Dead Air Crew dives into the horror release schedule, complete with house infiltration, the return of an iconic series, and more.

As GameSpot’s weekly horror podcast, we discuss the best, worst, creepiest, and most iconic horror titles across entertainment in all of its forms. If you’re a gorehound, thrill seeker, or someone fresh to the creepy world of the weird, this podcast is for you. Join Mike Mahardy and Mary Kish, along with a rotating cast of guests, as they dive headfirst into the spooky side of things. Horror can be weird–but so can we. Come join us.

For questions, thoughts, or recommendations, you can email Mike and Mary at deadair at gamespot.com. Dead Air is available on iTunes. You can watch and listen to Dead Air below.