How To Overcome Challenge Of The Elders In Destiny

Destiny fans have gotten a new class and weapon rebalancing in a new patch, which also brings a change to Destiny‘s Challenge of the Elders mode that might make the mode a little more difficult.

Players will be able to use the same general strategy common in Challenge of the Elders to drive up the score for this week: kill enemies exclusively with melee and then damage the boss until another wave spawns in. Repeat this process until the point deduction timer goes into effect and then damage the boss enough to stop the timer. Rinse and repeat until no more reinforcements come in and then finish off the boss.

Watch the point deduction timer, though. With the new 2.3.0 Update, “Challenge of the Elders ‘Variks grows impatient’ point deduction now grows more severe the longer you are in a given section” with the effect multiplying each time it appears.

How to defeat the Challenge of the Elders
Challenge of the Elders Bosses
First up this week is Keksis, the Betrayed. Watch out for his Orbs of Corrupted Light. Stand in them to disable them to avoid getting a Suppressed debuff. Clear the adds, then take out Keksis.

The second boss this week is Val Aru’un. This is the Cabal boss that will generate a shield and players will need to take out the associate Psion Flayer in the room to take down his shield.

Lastly, the third boss is Seditious Mind. This is one of the easier boss fights in the mode. Clear the add waves and damage Seditious Mind until it can be finished off for good. How to defeat the Challenge of the Elders 02
Tips for High Scores
To maximize score, pick a build that will maximize melee abilities, which do more damage than a normal melee. Equipping Monte Carlo can aid in getting melee energy back faster.

The best build this week could be the Gunslinger. Hunters should equip Sealed Ahamkara’s Grasps for an additional melee, then select the perks Knife Juggler, Scavenger, and Gambler’s Dagger. Precision kills with a Throwing Knife will also stack a Precision Kill bonus.

Another good option is the Stormcaller with Perpetual Charge. Baiting enemies into doing melee damage can fully charge their own melee, which has the longest range in the game. Equipping Claws of Ahamkara for the extra melee charge is the best armor choice.