Overwatch’s Roadhog Hook Range Sure Gets Long When Sombra Is Involved

The way Roadhog’s hook works in Overwatch has been a common source of complaints in the past, but Sombra players may have it worse than anyone.

As seen in the video below from YouTube user meme lord (via Kotaku), a Sombra is squaring off against a Roadhog. Having already placed a Translocator fairly far away, the Sombra fights the Roadhog and decides to teleport. At the same time, Roadhog throws out his hook, and even though Sombra is able to teleport, it still attaches to her. This results in her being pulled an incredible distance across the map and she ends up dead.

It’s an exaggerated example and one that you probably won’t see often, though it certainly won’t result in fewer complaints about the notorious hook.

Blizzard attempted to at least partially resolve issues with the hook in September, but it hasn’t prevented instances of players seemingly being pulled through walls and things of that nature.

The company explained in October how it works: basically, Roadhog throws out a sphere that looks for targets within its range as it moves. More recently, it told Kotaku that it’s planning a “big Hook 2.0 pass” that will come out soon. This should make it so people aren’t pulled through walls and objects and generally make its use “more expected and consistent.”

Overwatch is currently in the midst of a free-play weekend event. It’s also on sale today for $35 (or less).