Paragon Releases Skull-Face McMoonhead For The Latest Hero

That’s fine. Epic Games may want you to call him Khaimera. Paragon’s paid-beta launch Skull-Face McMoonhead, dual-wielding axes and rocking that hoodie-covered skinless monster head look all the kids are into these days.

The Paragon first duelist, Skull-Face McMoonhead a high-risk, high-reward warrior who excels at isolating enemies and bringing them down, and I’m not a fan of being isolated. He’s got Spirit Regeneration, which increases his health regen rate with every basic attack he lands. He sounds like a real jerk. Skull-Face McMoonhead launches today in Paragon’s paid-beta 02
Paragon’s free open beta launches August 16 on PC and PlayStation 4, at which point there will be countless paid beta players who have already mastered the art of killing you all with Skull-Face McMoonhead.