Persona 5’s Delightful Soundtrack Heads To Vinyl With Special (Mystery) Artwork

After releasing on iTunes just recently, Persona 5’s soundtrack is now getting the vinyl treatment.

Atlus announced today that it has partnered with iam8bit to release two different versions of the soundtrack on vinyl. The first, dubbed the Essential edition, is a 4xLP that features a “curated” selection of Persona 5’s “most popular music,” as chosen by Atlus Sound Team. The other, the Deluxe edition, is a 6xLP with the complete soundtrack, consisting of all 110 songs.

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Both of these will be “quality box sets,” but you’ll notice the images above don’t feature any proper artwork. That will remain a mystery until some unspecified point in the future but is described as “the result of an intimate collaboration between iam8bit, Atlus, Sega, and a to-be-announced, top-secret artist.”

Iam8bit, which has previously offered video game vinyl like this awesome-looking Rez one from last year, plans to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the package’s creation. “We’re going to document and share the entire process of creating a vinyl album with Persona 5 fans, from start to finish,” the site explained.

If you’re willing to plunk your money down without seeing that art, preorders are live now through iam8bit’s website. The Essential edition costs $100, while the Deluxe edition goes for $175. If you’re interested in the latter, you may have a limited time to place your order–only 1,000 are being made. Both are scheduled to ship in Q4 2017 “in time for the holidays.”