Persona 5’s Fantastic, 110-Song Soundtrack Now Available For Sale

Persona 5 has a lot going for it, and that includes an excellent original soundtrack. Luckily, you can now enjoy its wonderful jazzy music whenever you want.

Atlus today announced that Persona 5’s soundtrack is now available for purchase on iTunes. This is the full, 110-song album that’s available for download. That includes the phenomenal menu music track, “Phantom,” which is my personal favorite.

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Being so large, it comes with the somewhat hefty price tag of $30. Alternatively, you can pick up individual songs for $1.29 each. That pricing applies to the lengthier songs that run 4-5 minutes as well as those that last less than 60 seconds.

Persona 5 released earlier this month for PS4 and PS3 to rave reviews. Free and paid DLC have since arrived, delivering new costumes and music based on other Atlus games, among other things. New DLC arrived today themed around Persona 2, with more still to come. You can check out the full Persona 5 DLC schedule here.