Playmobil Pirates – Captain Your Own Pirate Ship and Sail the High Seas!

In Playmobil Pirates, you are the captain of your own pirate ship! In this combination building/combat simulation game, you’ll construct the biggest pirate base you possibly can and fight off hordes of enemies, including the dastardly pirate Blackbeard. Sail your pirate ship to islands in search of treasure and gold with your favorite Playmobil Pirate characters.

There are a lot of quests to complete, like rescuing a sailor, building a new hut for a worker, and clearing out insects from your land. Some of these quests are accessed from your main quest list in the upper left of the screen, but you should also talk to pirates with quest bubbles over their heads. They’ll have even more for you to do!

These missions will provide many of the experience points to help you reach level 100. You’ll also earn doubloons.

One of the first tasks in this game is to build your camp up. You’ll need to build huts for your swashbucklers, recruit different kinds of workers, and put them to work. Start them off clearing out land so that you earn more doubloons and expand your territory. You can only recruit more workers when you have a hut for them to live in. You’ll have the chance to add workshops that will help each type of worker like your sailors, builders, and fighters.

Using gems, the premium currency in this game, will speed up workers and reduce the time it takes to expand into new territory.Workers can also collect blue crystals for doubloons and experience points. Simply tap on them, move them near the crystals, and put them to work.

You’ll earn your own ship and secret fortress near the beginning of the game. These both can be upgraded with gems so that you can defeat invaders more quickly. This will keep them from attacking your ship and camp.

Every few minutes, invaders like skeleton pirates will try to attack your camp, ship, or fortress. You’ll get a message on your screen that enemies are on the way. You’ll have enough time to get to your secret fortress. Use your cannon to sink their ships before they can damage your camp or ship! If they are able to damage, don’t worry, however. You’ll have the chance to repair any wreckage.

As you sail to different islands on your treasure hunts, you’ll be attacked by various foes. Use the cannons to take them down. Pick up treasure barrels along the way for even more doubloons.

There are three main currencies in game. Doubloons are the main currency, and you’ll gain a lot of these from doing quests, picking them up from your huts, collecting them from treasure chests. You can even chase down a drunken pirate periodically. Tapping on him will yield a nice bounty.

You’ll find doubloons when you shake sparkling coconut trees and grass, too.You’ll receive more doubloons and experience points when your workers clear out brush and rocks that litter the land. Make sure to pick these up when they finish their work.

Gems are the premium currency. You will be given some of these at the start of the game, and you’ll be able to earn a few more in game. You can also buy them from the store with real world money. Gems can be used to speed up workers, instantly finish tasks, and buy special buildings, crew, or upgrades.

Skulls are the social currency. To earn these, use your social function and help out your fellow friendly captains. You can use them to buy decorations to put near your huts. These decorations increase the payouts from your homes. You can give skulls to your friends and receive them as gifts, too. It pays to have friends on the high seas!

If you love the Playmobil Pirate toys or pirate adventures, you’ll enjoy this game. Set sail today on your own pirate ship and search for treasure and adventure!

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(iOS – For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
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