Pokemon Go Connection with Sun/Moon Is Still in the Works

The demo for Pokemon Sun/Moon is currently available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop (and you can watch our full playthrough right here), but with the launch of the full game so close, a constant question from fans has centered around how (and even if) the will work with the full handheld version. We still don’t have specifics on what that connectivity will entail, but Pokemon’s developers say that they’re still working on that crossover functionality.

In a recent interview at Nintendo’s San Francisco office we talked with Junichi Masuda, a long-time developer and composer on the Pokemon franchise who’s currently working as a producer for Sun/Moon. When asked whether the team is still working on bringing Pokemon Sun/Moon and Pokemon Go together, he said, “It’s definitely not off the table. We’re still thinking about the best way to establish this kind of connectivity and what the best timing will be. First, we just want people to enjoy Sun and Moon after they come out, then we’ll keep working on ideas to best accomplish that.”

We’ll have the full interview up later today with even more insight from Masuda as well as Sun/Moon director Shigeru Ohmori regarding the upcoming 3DS title, legendary Pokemon, and the continuing Pokemon Go craze. But until then, what kind of crossover functionality would you like to see between Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sun/Moon? Let us know in the comments below!