Pokemon Sun And Moon Players Can Get A Free Rare Pokemon

Nintendo is giving away another free Pokemon for Sun and Moon. This time, players in the US, Europe, and Australia can snag a rare shiny variant of the guardian Pokemon Tapu Koko.

What makes this particular Pokemon special is its appearance; unlike most other pocket monsters, Tapu Koko cannot be found in the wild in its shiny form, making this the only legitimate way players can obtain one. The Pokemon is level 60 and comes equipped with an Electric Seed, which synergizes nicely with its ability Electric Surge. Electric Seed boosts Tapu Koko’s defense in Electric Terrain, which the Pokemon creates when it enters the battlefield. Tapu Koko also knows the following moves:

  • Nature’s Madness
  • Discharge
  • Agility
  • Electro Ball

To obtain the Pokemon, select the Mystery Gift option from the game’s menu screen and choose to receive your gift via the Internet. You can then pick up your Tapu Koko from the deliveryman inside any of the game’s Pokemon Centers.

Nintendo has been offering Pokemon Sun and Moon players a steady stream of free items and monsters since the games’ release. Recently, players could snag five rare Mega Stones by inputting a special code. There are more adventures still in store for the Alola region; this November, Nintendo will be releasing Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, another pair of titles set in the same world but with an “alternate story.” Players can pre-order a special Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon steelbook dual pack right now from Amazon. Nintendo is also releasing the classic Gold and Silver versions on the 3DS Eshop this September, and any Pokemon captured in those titles can be transferred to Sun and Moon via Pokemon Bank.