Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Shows Off New Ultra Beasts and More Powerful Z-Moves

With Pokemon Sun and Moon now less than one week away from launch, The Pokemon Company has released a new trailer to get you excited for the upcoming pair of critter-collecting games.

The trailer reveals a couple of new Ultra Beasts: UB-03 Lighting and UB-05 Glutton, the latter of which looks particularly menacing, while we also get a glimpse of Diglett and Dugtrio’s Alolan forms and new signature Z-Moves for the final evolutions of each starter.

Decidueye–which evolves from starter Pokemon Rowlet–gets the Z-Move Sinister Power Raid, while Popplio’s final evolution, Primarina, gets the Oceanic Operetta Z-Move. Meanwhile Inciniroar, the final form of Litten, comes armed with Malicious Moonsault.

Z-Moves are more powerful variants of standard moves that require a type- or Pokemon-specific Z-Crystal. Each type has its own Z-Move, as do some Pokemon, such as the final starter Pokemon forms listed above.

Today’s reveal comes after some version-specific Pokemon leaked last week–it remains to be seen whether Alolan Diglett and Dugtrio are also version-specific.

The demo of Pokemon Sun / Moon has been downloaded over 3.5 million times, breaking eShop records. Meanwhile the Pokemon Company, as well as finishing off its latest pair of Pokemon games, is working on a connection between Pokemon Sun / Moon and Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Sun and Moon launch on 3DS November 18 in North America and Japan, while European players have to wait until November 23.